Sabin Salutations


What Happened at School this Week?

• Our eggs have arrived! We are sharing our room with 12 white eggs and 12 brown eggs.

• Our roller skating unit has come to an end. The kids had a blast. Check out our feed on Homeroom to see a video along with lots of pictures.

• The kids worked hard to persuade a committee that they are the most improved student in our grade level. The kids brainstormed their ideas, filled out an organizer, and then completed a final draft. A winner will be announced later this year.

• We learned about Haikus, Diamante Poems, and Acrostic Poems. The children are saving their poems at school. In a short while, they will bring their poems home to share with you.

• Since our eggs have arrived, we began our unit reviewing the life cycle of a human. The kids helped identify different milestones for baby, toddler, 2nd grader, adult, and senior citizen. Each child had to talk about what they did or will do in each stage. It was funny to hear about their lives when they retire!

• We practiced typing again. Our program is called Typing Training. If your child would like to visit it at home, their login and passwords are located in their red folders.

• During math class, each group continued to review place value.

What is the Plan for Next Week?

• We will get to look inside each egg without breaking it! Stay tuned to find out about this neat technique. Hint... it is called candling an egg.

• We will continue working on Acrostic Poems and begin learning about Free Verse, and Cinquin poems.

• The children will begin their next argumentative piece on whether or not a chick would make a good pet. To begin this writing piece, they will read an article about taking care of chicks.

• Next Thursday is an Early Release Day.

Mrs. Melissa Sabin


• The library is still closed. Therefore, you do not need to return their books at this time.

• Our weather has certainly been crazy this month. Please help your child make good choices about what to wear outside during recess.

• Homework is sent home Monday- Thursday. During this time of year, some of the children forget to complete their assignments each night. Please review their red folders with them each night. I appreciate your help!