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Friday, December 21, 2018

KHS Senior Awarded Impact Scholarship from University of Texas at Austin

On Saturday, December 7, 2018 Kennedale High School senior Leland Murphy got the surprise of his life. Representatives from the Office of Admissions at UT Austin showed up to the Santa Breakfast and Craft Fair and hand delivered Leland his acceptance letter to UT. Along with the acceptance letter, they presented him with a scholarship check for $48,000 which will cover his tuition for his four years at UT. His parents, sister and grandmother found out about the scholarship just days before and held it a secret so the representatives could surprise him.

The Impact Scholarship recognizes students who are making an impact in their communities through their demonstrated leadership, academic success, perseverance and commitment to their schools and communities. A total of 30 outstanding students get awarded the Impact Scholarship each year and how wonderful that one of our Wildcats was chosen for this honor!

KHS Student Council Making a Difference

The Kennedale High School Student Council collected canned food and coats from November 26th through December 7th. A total of 409 cans and 68 coats were collected and taken to Mission Arlington. Thank you to these students and KHS Student Council Sponsor, Mr. Aleman, for giving back to the community and for your service to others!

Breaking Out In Mrs. Hamilton's Class at KJHS, by Jennifer Hamilton

We’re “Breaking Out” at the Junior High! Have you “Broken Out” yet? Students in Mrs. Hamilton’s 7th grade Pre-AP Science classes had the chance to test their skills to see if they could “Break Out”. Based on the popular escape rooms, the breakout boxes had a series of puzzles that students had to solve to unlock various locks on a box so they could access whatever was inside the box. Some of the boxes had the next clue inside and others had a key to open a lock. Students had to work together to solve the clues, which required them to apply their knowledge of weathering, erosion and deposition. Answering clues required critical thinking, problem solving, troubleshooting, and collaboration. They literally had to think outside the box, all while working under the pressure of a 45-minute time limit, and trying to be the first team to Break Out. Way to go Wildcats!

School Board Honors Retiring Superintendent

The KISD School Board of Trustees honored retiring superintendent of 18 years, Gary Dugger, by dedicating and naming the field house located at Kennedale High School officially, Gary W. Dugger Field House. The dedication and unveiling happened on Thursday, December 6, 2018 where school board members past and present were in attendance.

In the Spotlight is Cari Blackstone, Principal of Arthur Intermediate

This is Cari Blackstone's 7th year in Kennedale ISD. The first six years she served as principal of R.F. Patterson Elementary before becoming the principal of James. A. Arthur Intermediate for the 2018-2019 school year. Ms. Blackstone received her Bachelor's degree in Psychology from the University of Houston-Clear Lake, a Master's degree in Educational Administration from Texas Christian University, as well as a Master's degree in Special Education from the University of Texas at Tyler. The first nine years of her career she taught various courses in the Special Education Department at Martin High School in Arlington ISD. From there she served as the Assistant Principal at Mary Moore Elementary also in Arlington ISD. She has a son Andrew who is a 2018 Kennedale High School graduate that attends Jacksonville University in Jacksonville, Florida as a freshman, where he is also a member of the Jacksonville Dolphins football team.


Color - Green

Candy - Peanut M&M's

Book - Bringing Up Boys

Movie - Pretty in Pink

Subject - Writing

Animal - Kenny my dog

Hobbies: Movies, sporting events, and concerts

Texas Living Museum at R.F. Patterson Elementary, by Priscilla Patterson

This six weeks, R.F. Patterson Elementary fourth grade students studied about famous Texans past and present. Each student chose a person to research and become very familiar with. During the research, students learned information such as their background, accomplishments, significance to our great state and interesting facts about their life. They created an original fold-able poster or tri-fold board of their choice to present the information to their classmates. Students also wrote a speech on a note card as if they were that person and practiced in class and at home until they were able to recite it without the card. On Friday, December 7th, students actually became their famous Texan. They dressed in a costume, got on stage and recited their speech. All of their anticipation, perseverance, and practice became a reality as parents, younger Patterson Elementary students, and teachers intently listened and applauded as each group of students finished their amazing tributes to our famous heroes, leaders, entertainers, and business people of Texas. The fourth graders concluded the program by singing a medley of Texas songs they had been practicing in music class. This project based learning assignment is always a great way for students to take pride in what their school work.

Second Grade Students at Patterson Elementary Celebrate Good Choices, by Nancy Johnson

At Patterson Elementary, students are recognized for their good choices, by being awarded Dojo/Pride Points. For the 2nd six weeks, second grade students had the opportunity to choose from a menu of awards. Some chose the Pride Party, which was a Cookie Decorating Party. Students were able to show their creative side, by getting to choose from a variety of tasty, decorative toppings. They had a blast! Students are already working hard and anxiously awaiting the next Pride Party.

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Wonderful Outstanding Wildcat Awards - W.O.W.

Check out who was recognized for a W.O.W. Award in November and December!

JFD and RFP Elementary 2nd Graders Compete in Reading Bee, by Melissa Gerik

Every year, our second graders from Delaney and Patterson compete in the North Texas Reading Bee located at the Metro Opportunity Center in Fort Worth. This year the competition took place on December 8 and students were expected to ready fluently as well as answer comprehension questions over the stories they read. At Delaney Elementary, our top second graders that competed for a finalist spot in the Reading Bee were Jayla Garner, Maiya Hendricks, Ava Brown, Braxdon Mushinski, and Kaylee Stoehr. At Patterson, the top second graders were Tiago Christe, Araceli Howe, Cooper Denton, Yassir Boyjarfaoui and Kamia Nation.

The finalist for the competition was Maiya Hendricks( JFD) who represented Kennedale ISD in the reading bee competition and the runner up was Tiago Christe.

We are so proud of these students.

Busy Season for J.A.A. Choir, by Cari Blackstone

The James A. Arthur Choir has been performing the entire month of December. Their first performance of the season was at the City of Kennedale Annual Tree Lighting. Their performance included traditional holiday songs as well as ”Santa’s Job is a Snap!” The JAA Choir then went on to perform at the Kennedale High School Band’s Annual Breakfast with Santa and Craft Fair. The grand finale of their tour was their performance at Six Flag’s Holiday in the Park. The students sang their holiday songs and then spent time enjoying the park. There will be more performances by the JAA Choir in the Spring.

History Lesson at Arthur Intermediate, by Viola McLaughlin

The 5th graders at James A. Arthur Intermediate have been learning so much about American History. The past six weeks they began the journey with all the settlers that moved West along with exploring all the trials and tribulations that came their way. The students have been very engaged as we had discussions about the difference of economies in the North and the South and how these economies affected the way they lived.

Students had a choice in how they demonstrated their knowledge and many of the students chose to complete a diorama showing different experiences they may have had while traveling West. Others created brochures that would entice settlers to hire their company to assist in the move and some created authentic journals of their journey. Thank you to the teachers for making learning about history so fun!

J.A.A. Intermediate Whiz Quiz Team Preparing for Busy Schedule, by Janet Farid

JAA’s Whiz Quiz Team has been busy practicing two times each week to prepare for the upcoming season. The boys and girls are working hard to improve their reaction time on the buzzer, and to increase their knowledge base so they will be ready to answer more questions than our opponents will from Mansfield. We invite everyone out to cheer for JAA’s Whiz Quiz Team.

2018-2019 Whiz Quiz Schedule

January 15, 2019 Asa Low @ James A. Arthur Intermediate

January 22, 2019 Donna Shepard @ James A. Arthur Intermediate

January 29, 2019 James A. Arthur Intermediate BYE Week

February 05, 2019 Mary Lillared @ James A. Arthur Intermediate

February 12, 2019 James A. Arthur Intermediate @ Della Icenhower

February 19, 2019 James A. Arthur Intermediate @ Cross Timbers

February 26, 2019 James A. Arthur Intermediate @ Mary Orr

**All matches begin at 5:00 p.m.**

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Spring Musical at J.A.A. Will Be Aladdin Jr.

Friday, April 5th, 7pm

KHS Performing Arts Center, 901 Wildcat Way, Kennedale, TX 76060

James A. Arthur Intermediate’s spring musical has been announced. The students will be performing Aladdin Jr. Cast members include Mitchell McBroom as Aladdin and Alexia Berry as Jasmine. The performance will be Friday, April 5, 2019 at the Kennedale High School Performing Arts Center. We hope to see you there for this annual event that always delivers

Kinder Students Holiday Party at Patterson Elementary

The room parents and teachers at R.F. Patterson Elementary held the kindergarten holiday parties on Thursday, December 20th. Much laughter and fun was had by all in attendance. The giggles were in full swing as the students decorated Ms. Lavadour as a Christmas tree with garland, ornaments and bows!

School Board Proclamations for December

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