Instructional Technology Tidbits

a few notes from the ITS

Achieve 3000 Read to Succeed 2

It's contest time again and your students are already enrolled!

All you have to do to qualify for the contest is get 75% of your students to complete at least eight multiple-choice activities between February 22 and March 18 (just like you did in the fall). Achieve 3000 will keep track of the progress and notify you when your class has qualified.

To encourage your students to put forth their very best effort, Achieve 3000 is giving out extra points for high scores. Every time a student does an activity, your class earns a point. For every score of 75%, the class earns two points and for every score of 88% or higher, the class earns three points! The winning class is the qualifying class with the most average points, per student. If there is a tie, a winner is randomly selected. Please note that only classes that have 5 or more students at the close of the contest are eligible to win a prize, a $30 gift card.

Click here to learn more.

Fluency Tutor for Google

Haven't gone Google yet? This may change your mind.

Fluency Tutor for Google is a free Chrome App available in the Chrome Web Store...boy that was wordy. It is awesome for those struggling and reluctant readers. Teachers pick the passage, either via the library of lexiled passages within Fluency Tutor or right off the web, and assign it to their students through Google Drive or Google Classroom. Students can then login, listen to the passage, record themselves reading it and send it back to you.

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Word Problems

Here is an oldie but goodie...Thinking Blocks! Thinking Blocks is a great interactive tool that helps students model and solve math word problems. Check out the website! It really breaks down word problems, making them kid friendly.

Seesaw PD in your PJs

Seesaw has put together a series of hands-on, online training sessions to help you learn how to use Seesaw right from the comfort of your couch.

Whether you are experienced in using Seesaw or not, there is something there for you!

Click here to see the schedule and maybe even sign up. There is one for flipped learning in kindergarten, but it is applicable to other grades as well. At the bottom of the schedule page there are two recorded sessions from the January PD in your PJs too.

Digital Learning Day

Digital Learning Day is February 17th. Though you incorporate technology into the classroom daily, this is a day meant to challenge everyone to be actively involved in reimagining the education system. It is about using technology in ways that promote deeper and more engaged student learning. For more information about Digital Learning Day click here.