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October 14, 2016

Principal's Message

Every day we see how much we all help each other to make Thoroughgood a ThoroughGREAT place to be. Whether it's assisting a colleague with work or personal life issues, you all always come through. Thankfully, everyone weathered the storm and we came back to students who were happy to be back in a safe and nurturing environment. One of our Core Values is to Put Students First. The reason we can excel in doing that is that you all know how to work as a team and family to give each other the support so that we can keep our eye on the ball-our students.

Thank you for all you did to make sure that progress reports were disseminated to parents with descriptive feedback that helps them know where their children is at this point in the year. In addition, I appreciate your excellent discussions with Susan Knowles and your CAC math leader this week.

The carnival is around the corner. Please make sure that you are here to volunteer your time for our Parent/Teacher Association. From giving you money for your classroom and for your grade level programs, to the coffee cart and luncheons, our PTA works hard to support our school needs. Thank you in advance for signing up for at least a portion of the day.

Enjoy a beautiful weekend!

Important Dates

Sunday 10/16

  • full moon
  • open enrollment

Monday 10/17

  • 4th Grade Makeup Field Trip for Saunders, Durkin, & West to Planetarium: 11:00-1:30 pm
  • PAC - 3:15 pm
  • open enrollment

Tuesday 10/18

  • Babette will be in around 10 am
  • open enrollment

Wednesday 10/19

  • Babette will be in around 10 am
  • Dr. Z at Feeder School meeting 10:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m.
  • Pre-K Night @ 5:30 pm
  • open enrollment

Thursday 10/20

  • Technology Collaboration during PE in room 4
  • Anchor School Mtg. - 8:00 am @ Plaza Annex
  • 1st Grade Gifted Screening
  • open enrollment

Monday 10/24

  • National Theater for Children: (Water Pirates) 1:45 pm - Grades 3-5 , 2:30 pm - Grades K-2, EDK, Kinderquest
  • Faculty Meeting - 3:30-4:30 pm Standards Based Grading with Johanna Ortiz
  • open enrollment
  • Dr. Z at Responsive Classroom Conference through Thursday

Thursday 10/27

  • Global Collaboration during PE
  • open enrollment

Saturday 10/29

  • Fall Carnival 10 a.m.-3:00 p.m.
  • open enrollment

Health and Wellness Info:

Open Enrollment has started!! It is MANDATORY to enroll if you would like to have coverage for 2017.

Þ Points reset to zero October 1st.

Any Virgin Pulse points that you have earned will reset. Any money that you have earned and have not spent still will remain in your account.

Þ The Great American Smokeout is November 17th, 2016

Want to quit tobacco? Start with the great American Smokeout. Enroll in our Quit For Life program and earn points!

Þ Coming in November. Get your flu shot at no cost to you!

The flu shot schedule is located on the BEWell intranet site.

Þ Come to one of the BEWell classes and earn 250 points!

Eat Better Stay Healthier:

November 9th-Plaza Annex-5:30-6:30pm

Þ Tips for a good night's sleep:

November 16th-Plaza Annex-5:30-6:30pm

December 1st-Plaza Annex-12:00-1:00pm

Þ Zipongo is a great website for healthy recipies and good deals on healthy foods! It is also a wonderful way to earn points.

Birthday Celebrations

Oct 20 — Haley Bigelow

Oct 27 — Jorja Jean

Nov. 4 - Troy Saunders

Nov. 8 - Natalie Garber

Nov. 9 - Chia Kao

Staff Happenings

PC Duo Guitar Duet

10/15 -

Hampton Comicon 11am-12pm

1610 Coliseum Dr, Hampton, VA 23666

Wasserhund Brewing 9pm-10pm

1805 Laskin Rd, Virginia Beach, VA 23454

11/12/ -

Virginia Living Museum 3pm-6pm

524 J. Clyde Morris Blvd, Newport News, VA 23601

12/10 -

Smartmouth Brewing 4pm-6pm

1309 Raleigh Ave, Norfolk, VA 23507

Valerie's Kitchen

A note from Valerie Dandridge:

Good Morning Everyone.

I will be out for 6 to 8 weeks for surgery. Today will be my last day until after Thanksgiving.

I only have 3 weeks of sick time so I am doing Soul Food Dinners to help me make it until I come back to work.

Food is my Passion and you won't be disappointed.

I will deliver 5 dinners or more.

Check out flyer and email today, call, or text tomorrow for info.



Kudos and Shout Outs

Kudos to the person who "Boo'ed" me from Cris - Thanks for the coffee! Looks delicious!

To Vanessa from Gibby: Thank you for the talk. You lift me up.

To Annemarie from Gibby: Thank you for helping me learn and grow.

To Joan from Gibby: Thank you for the insight. I appreciate you and enjoy our collaborations!

To Cris and Josh from Annette: Thanks for all your help with the Navy birthday celebration.

To Jeanne W. from Gibby: “Nice to meet you. How’ve you been?”

To the Ladies in the Office from Gibby: Thank you for the smiles and hugs. You guys are the best!

To Patti from Gibby: Thank you for the “tech talk.” I am excited to experiment!

To Carla and Jenn T. from Gibby: Thank you for being willing to collaborate. The kids really enjoy it!

To my secret “BOO-ers” from Gibby: You have made my week! Thank you for thinking of me! Please tell me who you are so I can thank you!

To Lori Rose from Gibby: You are a gem. Your kindness and foresight made a child’s week.

To my grade level from Annemarie – I am grateful I work with a group of dedicated, collaborative and caring professionals. Thank you for all you do for your students and teammates.

To the office ladies from Annemarie – Thank you for your hugs.

To Annette from Annemarie – Thank you for your ideas and resources.

To my Boo Friend from Whitney: Thank you for my surprise! You are the best!

To whomever "Boo'ed" me.....thank you thank you thank you....Patti

To Angie from Stephanie- Thanks for being my “boo.”

To Emily, Meghan, and Colleen from Terri: Thank you all for helping gather IEP accommodations for testing.

To Laura, Joan, Meredith and Troy from Terri: How wonderful that you are allowing for a grass roots legacy project to grow in our school. The kids are so excited about the science fair.

To Pam and Annemarie from Terri: I truly appreciate how you consider both gifted pedagogy and development readiness when planning for your students.

To Jean, Carla, and Fred from Terri: Thank you for diving into Project Clarion and giving your students some amazing, rich experiences with matter.

To Victoria, Cara, and Kristina from Terri: I love how our think tank always takes risks. This geography unit will be a great adventure.

Thanks to Clare for helping with bookfair set up and daily operations-it is really a three person job, but we git er done!

Thanks to Patti for filling in and staying late to help with bookfair.

To Emily from Annette, thanks for making the awesome banner for the Navy ceremony on Thrusday.

To everyone from Annette, thanks for your flexibility with the Navy ceremony on Thursday, and sorry for all of the emails about it.

To Anne from Annette, thanks for introducing the soldiers and getting them here for our celebration.

To Laura Purvis from Annette, thanks for being the amazing photographer for a much longer time than you had planned.

To Nicole D. and Laura P. from Annette, thanks for asking me to plan content integration ideas with you.

To Kelly Brewer from Annette, thanks for all you do to help make sure we are getting our PLP points.

To Dr. Z from Annette, thanks for paying for people to go to the reading conference.

To Cathy from Annette, thanks for helping me figure out how to use E-books.

Thanks to Cathy and Clare for all of your hard work on the Book Fair! The students loved it!

To Valerie-thank you for waiting for a club student until someone could pick him up. I appreciate you!

Kudos to our math teachers for the wonderful collaborative discussion with Susan.

Kudos to all for making it through another week that was out of the norm!

Thank you to Whitney for organizing the baby showers.

Thanks to Sonia for getting our clubs organized with the PTA.

Thank you to Lisa Z., Amy, Nicole, Emily, and Annette for mentoring our new teachers.

Kudos to Jake for having our progress reports ready.

Thank you to the teachers for working hard to communicate student progress with parents.

To Jen-You are making a difference!

Thank you to our GOTR coaches-You Rock!

To Everyone-Thank you for meeting the needs of our students every single day