Peace Not War

Anti War

Innocent People Dying

At first the war started with just soldiers dying, but by the end of the war some countries started to target civilians. By the end of the war 20 million soldiers and civilians had been injured half could have been saved if some soldiers did not attack innocent people. The people that had died were young children and mothers who had a life to live and it was taken away from them. As well as the injured 10 million people had died. This should never have happened most of the deaths did not have to happen, some countries were being very greedy and only wanted land and power and did not care about the civilians dying or being injured in doing so. This could have been stopped this war should not have gone this far because these civilians could not fight back.
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Reality of War

War was a very hard time for soldiers trudging through mud getting diseases it was a hard time for them, only because the European countries wanted more land and power. At the end of the war many soldiers were very tired, shellshocked worried they were going to die at any second. The war was not a fun time for the soldiers, they became very run down after the war they will never be the same, always in constant worry something is going to happen they are going to die. The soldiers did not have many pairs of clothes and many even lost there boots, getting colds from walking in the cold mud. This war created paranoia to many and eventually became insane.