Athletic Trainer for Sport teams

by:cameron ranney

Academic requiments to be a athletic trainer and top three colleges

  • risk management and injury prevention
  • pathology of injury and illness
  • assessment and evaluation
  • acute care of injury and illness
  • Pharmacology
  • Therapeutic modalities
  • General medical conditions and disabilities
  • Therapeutic exercise
  • Nutritional aspects of injury and illness
  • Psychosocial intervention and referral
  • Professional development and responsibilities
  • Health care administration
the top three public colleges are:
San Diego State University
SUNY at Brockport
University of New Hampshire
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Skills and Talents

what skills you need is critical thinking for tight decisions. time management for getting the players back on the field in time. smart decisions to make them get on the field on time but not risking them to get injured again. management of financial resources to make sure you are not spending too much on certain management. you also need complex problem solving. you also need active listing from the coach and players for information about them and when they should be back on the field

A day for athletic training

A day is busy for practice days and game days. they alaways need to get to the arena or field before everyone they have to check the medicens and wraps for a emergency they have to fill up the water bottles and gatorade jugs. they also need to check the footballs/basketballs are fully pumped correctly. Need to make sure there is enough footballs, basketballs, baseballs, tennis bals, soccerballs and hockey pucks for practices or games they also help streatch out the players check on the injured one's and see how they are doing. after the practice or game they have to make sure every medicine is put back where it is exspose to and see if anyone needs help streching. And last they go home and get sleep and do the samething all over again.

earings for athletic trainers

salary for an athletic trainer is around $30,448 to $54, 458 the medium salary would be around $39,000 and bonus would be around $5,000 dollars.


One of the most known benifits are that you get to work and meet great athletes. Most teams and leagues make sure you have health insurance. They also give you 5-10 sick days a year.