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March 2023

Welcome Vikings!

The Student Services team is excited to share with you our monthly newsletter for March 2023. As we continue to look for ways to share important information with our Viking Family, we hope that this newsletter assists you. Our school counselors look forward to bringing you the latest and greatest from graduation information to college and career highlights. Any questions on what you find here? Contact your school counselor and they will be able to help.
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The ASVAB test will be given March 22 at Valparaiso High School. The test will be given to seniors that have not yet met box 3 of the graduation pathway. A student needs a score of 31 on the ASVAB to meet Box 3 which is in the area of Post-Secondary Competencies. Counselors will be notifying students of the test date.

If space allows, juniors recommended for ASVAB testing by their counselors will be testing as well. Counselors will notify junior students that will be testing on that date.

To prepare for the test, students can access a number of resources. To take practice tests, they can utilize http://asvabtutor.com. In addition, they can download the ARMY ASVAB app as well. Resources can also be found at http://www.march2success.com

Beginning with the class of 2023, students must meet the following to earn a high school diploma under the rules of the Graduation Pathways for high school graduation: Box 1. Credits, Box 2. Employability Skills and Box 3. Post-secondary competencies

Career Spotlight - Respiratory Therapist

Each month, we will be highlighting a career from Naviance. This month, we are featuring the role of a respiratory therapist. Below, learn more about what this career entails and check out your Naviance account for more information.

Role: Respiratory Therapist

Required Schooling/Training: B.S. Respiratory Therapy

Skills Needed: Assess, treat, and care for patients with breathing disorders, assume care for all respiratory care modalities, including the supervision of respiratory technicians; initiate and conduct therapeutic procedures; maintain patient records, as well as select, assemble, check, and operate equipment

Median National Salary: $63,950

Education Near Me:

  • University of St. Francis- Crown Point, IN
  • Ivy Tech Commnity College Lake County Campus School of Health Sciences, Respiratory Therapy Program, Associate of Science Degree
  • IUPUI - Indianapolis, IN
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College Spotlight - Grace College

In addition to a career spotlight, we will also have a monthly college spotlight. This month, we are featuring Grace College. Read more about life at Grace College and visit your Naviance account for more details.

College: Grace College -- Winona Lake, IN

School Type: Private -- 4 year school

Undergraduate Enrollment: 10,950

Student-to-Faculty Ratio: 20 to 1

Degrees Offered: 100+majors, minors, certificates and graduate programs

Grace's Three Year Degree focuses on getting students into the workforce sooner with less time and money.


Seniors - Below are some scholarships and their deadlines. Check your Naviance account for more information and start applying!

  • YMCA Scholarship-March 31
  • Valparaiso Women's Association-April 3
  • Spanish Club-April 10
  • Spanish Honor Society-April 10
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21st Century Scholars

Attention Seniors: The FAFSA needs to be filed by April 15 at FAFSA.GOV. In addition, the Scholar Success Program includes activities that must completed by June 30, 2023 for seniors. Students can confirm that they have completed the activities at Scholartrack.in.gov

To secure the scholarship funds, students are required to complete all their activities as well as meet the GPA requirement of a 2.5. They must also graduate with a CORE 40 Diploma.

Once a student graduates high school, they will use Scholartrack to keep track of state financial aid information and complete the College Scholar Success Program.

Students can call the Student Support Center if they have questions about 21st Century Scholars Program. The phone number is 888-528-4719.


The primary deadline for state of Indiana grants is April 15 . FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is filed annually to determine federal, state, and some institutional financial aid programs.

Students need to check with their college to see if their institution has an earlier deadline.

Parents and students can consult with INvested for help at https://www.investedindiana.org/literacy/putting-pieces-together/completing-filing-fafsa/

For assistance with FAFSA questions, parents and students can use INvestEd as a free resource. Team members can be contacted at 317-715-9007 and their website is https://www.investedindiana.org/

Do you know your graduation requirements?

Questions? Contact us!


(A - CU) Mr. Dan McKibben - dmckibben@valpo.k12.in.us

(CV - HOL) Mrs. Jessica Kus - jkus@valpo.k12.in.us

(HOM - MILK) Mrs. Sarah Deakin - sdeakin@valpo.k12.in.us

(MILL - SCHV) Mrs. Tori McCaleb - tMcCaleb@valpo.k12.in.us

(SCHW - Z) Mrs. Kari Owney - kowney@valpo.k12.in.us

(V.A.L.E. Students) Ms. Gordana Sormaz - gsormaz@valpo.k12.in.us