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September 30, 2016

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Student Council Officers... Simply Magical!

When our Student Council Officers kicked off the first Tamanend assembly on September 16th, they certainly brought the magic! As they played roles from the beloved Harry Potter series they shared their theme for the year... "It is our choice that show us what we truly are, far more than our abilities." We thank Andrew B., Anna F., Dori M., and Jill H. for their service leadership and never-ending creative energy!

Grading for Growth

Every school year, we talk to our students about doing their very best. In more recent years, we emphasized the importance of them never giving up. You may have heard this in terms of "grit," or "resilience." At Tamanend, our motto is "IF-YET-TRUST." Last year we encouraged our students and staff to "think differently" about their learning... take risks, stretch, and don't be afraid of mistakes. When we look at all of these things together, it becomes apparent that we need a learning environment where students are allowed, even encouraged to make mistakes during the learning process. In creating a learning environment where it safe to learn from mistakes, we need grading practices that allow growth from mistakes without it hurting students' grades.

This year, we talked with our students about why we use different categories in our gradebooks. In the formative category, we put those early-learning assessments that inform students, teachers, and parents whether students are "getting it" and what students are able to "do with it." These early check points are in the formative assessment category, or what we like to refer to as the "safe learning zone." It is safe because it is only worth 10% of a marking period grade. Once students have learned the target content, that is when we use summative assessments. This category is worth 90% of the marking period grade.

We hope that you check the parent portal and have regular talks with your students about their learning. We hope you help your student to see formative assessments as an indicator of learning, or sometimes, of what has not yet been learned. Encourage your student to use that indicator to propel them to keep going, partner with teachers, and make sure that nothing gets by them when it comes to their learning.

TMS Athletics Communications

For sports cancellations, please check the Tamanend Athletics Website after 2PM. We will be updating the information at 2 PM daily to communicate cancellations for both practices and games.

3rd Collection Day - Magazine & Cookie Dough Drive

We have added a third collection day for Magazine and Cookie Dough orders on October 6th. We thank everyone for your support and participation! The Magazine and Cookie Dough Drive is the only TMS fundraiser that benefits Tamanend and is organized by our Student Council Leaders. The moneys raised by our drive last year were used to install water bottle filling stations throughout the school, along with supporting many student events and activities.

L2U Plans for 2016-2017

This year, we have three L2U sessions. November 12 is for 8th Graders. January 14 is for 7th Graders. On March 18, our 9th graders will combine with Unami's 9th graders since they will all be united at South next year.

To be invited to L2U, students (or parents, guardians, teachers) need to fill out a quick nomination form. Thank you.

If you are a student in 8th & 9th grades who has already participated in L2U and would like to be involved again, we have created a L2U Jr Leader program just for you! Interested Jr Leaders should apply here and will need to attend a Jr Leader Boot Camp at CB South on October 13 at 7 p.m..

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Arrival to School

For supervision and safety reasons, students may not be dropped off at school before 7:10 a.m. If you are driving your student to school and arrive before 7:10, please remain in your car with your student until 7:10 a.m.
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Tamanend Together is...

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