A Life In The Colonies

By:Amelia Larson

The Colonies

If you live in the colonies you will have many advantages such as flowing water rich soil and many animals to hunt and eat. There is many different colonies with different climates trading places and religions beliefs. And you should explore them all to find the perfect fit for you.


the northeast colonies brings new wonderful things such as water transportation. But some bad things also like thin rocky soil but if you love the smell of the ocean and sea food. You are going to love living in the northeast colonies. Some of there amazing things are.


  • thin rocky soil
  • you can live by rivers
natural resources

  • whale hunting
  • water transposition
goods and trading

  • they trade timber
  • cod whales
  • oil from the whales makes oil lamps perfume and candles

The northeast Colonie

good news

The Middle Colonies

If you have green thumb then you will love the rich soil in the middle colonies . In the middle colonies there are people from all over the world with different backgrounds and religions. The middle colonies is a place to practice your own religion and pray the way you want to pray. With many ups there has to be some downs like how there are some slaves in the middle colonies but there are more good things like.


  • Huston bay river
  • rich soil

  • very warm
natural resources

  • farms
  • Iorn
  • wheat
Good and what they Traded

  • fur
  • Furniture
  • tools
  • they had jobs as merchants,traders,sailors and dock workers
culture and religion beliefs

  • there were some slaves
  • Quakers believed everyone should practice there religion
  • the middle colonies did not believe in fighting

southern Colonies

If your are a fan of hot summers mild winters hiking up mountains bays oceans rice tobacco and farming. You will love living in the southern colonies the southern colonies are home to the Appalachian mountains and many bays and rivers. If you are catholic than the southern colonies are the home for you. There are so many outstanding things about the southern colonies but some vile thing about the southern colonies here are all of the things.


  • good soil
  • rivers
  • Appalachian Mountains
  • bays and oceans

  • mild winters
  • hot summers
Natural resources

  • farming
  • cash crop
  • rice and tobacco
Goods and trading

  • crops rice
  • there harbor was a trading center
cutler and religion

  • catholic
  • slaves
  • good realizations
  • military location
  • representative and legislative
  • plantains