You Sell Owls?

And the word is out!

Get those running shoes on and head down the hallways!

Well Origami Owl is going at it full force this year. This month marks the anniversary of its FIRST year in direct sales. Within that year, there was an East Coast launch in the spring, Bella's 16th birthday surprise in the Summer and a Fall in Love event in the fall to round out the first year. All admist the hustle and bustle of 2 freezes of new designers and some backorder issues and we still superseded the original plan of forecasting 800 designers for the first year of business.

This past holiday season was a true test of getting the word out there which we have worked for all year long. My final exam seemed to be a really big holiday market here in the DFW area called Christmas in Cowtown held at the Will Rogers Memorial Center in Ft. Worth. This 3 1/2 day event took myself and 2 designers on my team on a whirlwind adventure or caffeine packed, ravenous fasting days that we called for all 3 of us to cram into a 10x10 booth amongst half the visitors for the market!

"Oh, they sell owls, they are so cute!" If we had a dollar for every time we heard that well, what am I saying, we did well anyway! While many were sad they couldn't buy our display pieces, we still sent them home with an owl charm of their own. I like to think of it as a reminder of why they stopped by in the first place which is now part of their Origami Owl story. We met so many people from all over, Texas of course to Florida to California and many traveling vendors as well. Many were very intrigued with why there was a crowd outside a booth, since people were waiting to get in. Lesson learned, double booth next year! My point is a many thanks to the curious minds who walked away with part of us and part of Bella's dream to share their stories with the world as we all make a difference.

Wait List has already released 2 waves of 1500 and 2000 designers this year!

Get in now! This company has an amazing designer rewards program, career path and the opportunity is overflowing right now. We still don't even have designers in every state so this is YOUR TIME!

I can tell you this first hand because this is my story:

I learned about Origami Owl in February of last year through a friend hosting an online party, that's right I didn't even see the product in person. On the Facebook event wall, the designer kept posting and posting for a couple week and I myself though it was stationary or something of the sort. My full time job is working back office in a busy pediatric practice and blowing money at Michaels thanks to good ol' Pinterest to keep my 3 1/2 yr old entertained as well as myself. The last post came that the party was closing and I had to look at the link... well the rest is history. I made a locket for myself after an hour of browsing, then wanted one for my mom and then grandma, all my aunts, etc. It was 11:30 at night and my mind was racing, how have I never heard of this company? I was so rattled I messaged the designer who stayed up with me sending messages back and forth all night. Why would I get into this when I have a full-time job? The awesome story of Bella and her dream and passion fueled my passion as mother, woman, human to give back and help people through the story of a locket.

I joined the next day after a surprising boost of confidence and support from my husband who I think was more motivated to get me out of Michael's and Hobby Lobby but nevertheless, the business found me!

The 2013 Plan

As we close 2012 and organize in 2013 my plan includes my customers! It's about letting them add on to their story, begin anew, share in downtime with their friends. Facebook is very active and I encourage you to join my fan page (click the Facebook icon above) and get in on specials and giveaways! Events are always on my agenda, although the beginning of the year I may sit out a few as we get ready for Baby Girl #2 to join us in April! No worries, my team is up and out promoting for us!

This year is about giving back, I was so blessed to start a team of designers last year and want to be a good leader for them as well as participate more in fundraisers. Reaching out to the communities and moms/daughters, women who just want some downtime to host a relaxed party where their friends get excited to tell what charm they like because it reminds them of (fill in the blank). As we continue to grow it makes me excited to be there for you. I hope you will join me along the way.



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