Sky Bridge

Science Inquiry- Group 5 AM


Sugar cubes, tape, Dots candy, cardboard boxes and cake supports, toothpicks, popsicle sticks, glue, wood sticks, wire, and marbles

Our Justifications:

We used the materials because they were light enough to carry, but also strong enough to stay together during the test.  The gum drops helped to hold a lot of things together.  The materials were also colorful and beautiful.

Next Time We Would…

Use a ramp on the front and the back of the bridge to help keep it sturdy and straight.  This would also let a car drive up and down across the bridge.  We would also use less materials because it would help make the bridge steadier and straight.  We know this because when you have more mass, it is heavier and causes the bridge to bend.  Less materials would have less mass, and wouldn’t be as heavy, so the bridge would stay straight.  That would make the car travel more smoothly.

Members of Our Group:

Bruce, Aiden, Zoe, Emilee