Adriana Taylor

6th Period


6/27/2015 - 7/2/2015

Piazzale Michelangelo

Designed in 1869 by architect Guiseppe Poggi. The Piazzale Michelangelo shows all of Florence. It was dedicated to Michelangelo, inside there are copies of his beautiful work. Beside it is were you can eat and look at the beautiful scenery Florence has to offer.


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Porcellino Gallery Hotel

The Porcellino Gallery Hotel is placed in the heart of Florence. It is also called Hotell II Porcellino. It has artistic heritage and wonderful beautiful rooms and overall a great stay.



Saturday (June 27)

-Go to the airport at 2:15 pm, arrive at 2:45pm

-Leave on the plane at 5:15pm, on the plane for 18 hours

Sunday (June 28)

-Arrive in Florence on June 28 at 6:00am

-Pick up rental car at 7:30am

-Drive to my hotel and settle in

-Eat breakfast at 8:15 am

-Drive to Piazzale Michelangelo and look at the scenery

-Go back to hotel and eat dinner

Monday (June 29)

-Get up, and get dressed at 7:00am

-Eat breakfast at 7:45am

-Drive to Dunmo-Cathedral of Santa de Fiore at 8:00am, stay until 11:00am

-Go to Trattoria Casalinga to eat lunch at 11:30am

-Go back to hotel and rest

Tuesday (June 30)

-Get up and get dressed at 7:15am

-Eat breakfast at 7:50am

-Go to The Florence Day Tours at 10:00am

-Do tours from 10-12

-Leave tours and have lunch at Oriad' Aria

-Go walking around Florence

Wednesday (July 1)

-Get up and start packing

-Drop rental car off

-Go to airport and get on plane

Thursday (July 2)

- Arrive home


Dear Traveler,

Let me tell you that your search for a perfect vacation destination is over! Florence, Italy is the ideal place for a travel destination. It's beauty, scenery, and attractions are to die for.The Piazzale Michelangelo is there and plenty more! You want to go on a tour we have plenty. Want fantastic food? Check it off because we have it. Want a nice affordable hotel? I recommend the Porcellino Gallery Hotel!

Tours are our biggest attraction. The tours show you all of the beauty Florence has to offer. The food is divine and very casual. They also offer a variety. The hotels are very nice and beautiful, 97% have a five star rating. Also have very good amenities.

We hope to have you booked soon!


Adriana Taylor

Total Price


Dunno- Cathedral of Santa de Fiore

It is a Catholic Church that is open to the public to come inside and look at all of the beautiful architecture. It was designed by Filippo Brunelleschi. It was named in honor of Santa Maria del Fiore.


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Florence Pass Tour Operator Day

This is a company where you can book any tour that they offer. They have great service and are fast with service.


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San Miniato al Monte

There is a church, cemetery, and beautiful scenery. Around there is Latin music playing live.


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Medici Chapel

They are two chapels that consist of two structures that are dedicated to celebrate the Medici Family. Built by Basillica du San Lorenzo.


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Trattoria Sostanza

This is a place where you can eat delicious food. It has a signature dish which is steak florentine.


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Aurelio re Della Trippa

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