Whole Child

Healthy, Safe, Engaged, Challenged and Supported

Libraries promote good health

Student enter school healthy and practice a healthy lifestyle. My role: I'm collaborating with our guidance counselor on a Modern Mindfulness -- a practice the promotes healthy practice. A former colleague used to say of Folsom School that we, as a staff, wrap around kids! When we as a staff embrace whole-school activities, we can make this happen.

Libraries are safe places

Each student learns in an environment that is physically and emotionally safe. My role: The library is a safe place for students to relax and read or research. Students know they can come to me for a good book and for advice.

Keep our eye on the prize

The goal is Whole Child. Thematic learning (project-based learning or problem-based learning) -- with the standards (CCSS, Next Gen, C3, ISTE NETS) woven seamlessly into academic lessons, with an administration promoting ample opportunity for collaboration among colleagues best addresses the tenets of Whole Child as well as new standards that promote academic excellence.

Practice what we preach!

Michelle, a high school history teacher, Annette, a fellow librarian, and I collaborate on a project for Old Docs, New Tech this summer in Barre. Don't be shy! Just ask ... or we librarians will ask you ... how we can help!