Preschool Teacher and requirements

My day as a preschool teacher and how to get there

When I first got there

When I arrived there, the first thing I had to do was wash all of the tables of before all of the kids got there. Then when they did get there they would wash there hands at wait to get started

Getting started

While all the kids where getting ready I had to go and print out all the worksheets for the day. So while they where washing there hands and saying their abc's I had started cutting out their activities to start. I also strated talking to some of the kids keeping them busy

Activities starting

After they started eating thier breakfast they came over to me and I started teachinng them thier first activity which was about The Rainbow fish. Where we all made colorful fish with aluminum fins. After that we took all the kids to the bathroom (I took the girls, my aunt took the boys)

Toward the end

I left pretty early but before I left I taught them about coloring flowers and numbers and other stuff like that.
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How to become a Preschool Teacher/ Daycare Owner

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  • Degree Level : Degree isnt required but you need a post secondary education
  • Degree field : Early childhood development
  • Licensure: Some states require a license or a certificate


To get a certificate you need to be at-least 18, have a high school diploma or GED. You should have at-least 120 hours of formal childcare education in the past 5 years. And they must have 480 child care experience withen the past 5 years. People that don't meet those requirements can enroll in a 1 year cda professional preparation program
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Why do I want to be a teacher?

I want to become a Preschool teacher because I love kids and I want to make a big impact on kids lives. I plan on moving to South Korea to teach and I think it would be fun to run my own school and to live in a nice place like that. I plan on going to a nice college so that I can get a certificate to work overseas.
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