about the main characters

the main chacaters are mela alex and jacob. mela and alex are a polish family and they take in jacob because he is jewish to save his life. jacob is a little jewish boy who was in the gettho with his aunt and his gandmother. alex was a fabric worker and mela was a stay at home mom. then jacob became like one of alex and melas family.

the plot of the book

the plot of the book occurs in 1943 through 1945 in Warsaw Poland. Also when the holocaust is going on. There was these two people named Alex and mela who toke a Jewish boy in to keep him from getting killed by the nazis.


three separate reasons why mela and alex should get the Righteous Among Nations Award is because they they sold there house to get some medical help for Jacob. Another reason why they should get the award is because they risked there life for him and treated jacob like there own and hid him. The third reason why is because when Jacob need food and sun light Alex sells his fabric to get him bread and a sun lamp.

Quote and citation

1"Funny how rumors start. Someone told me you were hiding a little jew boy."

I think this means that some stuff that people think that they hear could be true but also it could not by so you should ask the person first before you tell someone else.