Utopia in America - The Shakers

Claire Minor

A Common Shaker Hymn

“With every gift I will unite, / And join in sweet devotion / To worship God is my delight, /

With hands and feet in motion.”

The Shaker Community

This photo depicts Shaker people; men, women, and children, living and working together in peace and harmony.

Quote by Mother Ann Lee

“Do all your work as though you had a thousand years to live; and as you would if you knew you must die tomorrow.”

The Shaker Tree

“...I have since learned that this tree grows in the Spirit Land... I entreated Mother Ann to tell me the name of this tree: which she did by moving the hand of a medium to write twice over, Your Tree is the Tree of Life."

This has since come to be known as a symbol of life and the Shakers’ unity.

Common Shaker Maxim

“Simplicity is the embodiment of purity and unity.”

Shaker Worship Ritual

While worshipping, the Shakers would move and shake in certain patterns that resemble a dance and gave them their name.

Why Should You Join Us?

-While worshiping, we have fun! We dance and sing to the beat of our own drum... and you can too! And don’t worry about singing out of tune- we don’t care!

-If you’re a woman and you’re tired of being treated unfairly, come join us. We believe that all people should be treated equally, regardless of gender!

-Do you get lonely? Well not anymore! We live in communal style housing, so there’s always someone to talk to!

-No money? No problem! We focus on great simplicity and equality, so there’s no need for immense amounts of wealth... or any at all, for that matter!

God wants you, and so do we!