civilian conservation corps

A Young Man's Opportunity

Join The CCC To Make America Great For Me And You

This is great for unmarried young men , that want to help conserve natural resources

Men ages 18-23

The Men It The CCC Helped Conserve National Resources By ..........

  • replanted trees
  • Fixed the soil that caused the Dust Bowl
  • get crops replanted after Dust Bowl
  • reserve forests and parks
  • building flood barrier
  • fighting fires
  • and maintaining roads and trails
  • conserving both private and federal land.

Some of The Thing They Did

This was one of Roosevelt Favorites

They often were called "Roosevelts tree army"

  • They Made about $30 a month but $25 was required to send back to there families
  • most worked a 8 hour day
  • They Planted more then 3 million trees