Learning islam

We're being deployed to indonesia, an Islam majority

The basics

The vast majority of Indonesia is muslim, something you may not be familiar with. The last thing that you want to do is offend the locals, so get informed before we're deployed

What is Islam?


Islam is one of the three religions that trace their routes back to Abraham. The other two are Christianity and Judaism.

These religions are actually pretty similar, but Islam's prophet is Muhammad. Abraham had 2 sons, one with Hagar (Ishmael) and one with Sarah(Isaac).

Islam traces back to ismael's side of the family, where after generations muhhamad was born. Muhammad was spoken to by the angel Gabriel, where he was told to spread the messages of the one God, Allah. He was later taken to heaven to see other prophets, like Jesus Abraham and Moses

From then to the day he died Mohammed preached of the teachings of Allah.

The 5 pillars

In Islam they have 5 pillars, or 5 requirements for their lives. They include;

1)The statement of faith. Saying and believing that there is one God, Allah, and that Muhhamud is his prophit

2)pray 5 times per day facing towards the city of Mecca; this is something you'll see everyday, so it's important to be quiet and respectful while the community prays

3) give to the poor and needy

4)Fast during the daylight hours of the month of Ramadan

5) make the hajj if financially and physically able. The hajj is a journey to Mecca in which you participate in religious practices


Muslims' holy book is called the qur'an, or Koran. You'll see this book a lot, it's black with gold lettering mostly. They take it very seriously, believing it is word for word what Allah told Muhammad.

Their house of worship is called a mosque. These have towers called minarets, which is where they are called to prayer every day.


Sort of like Christianity Islam has split into different branches of belief. Except there's 2 different types instead of many. Since Mohamed spend not leave any children to take on the task of leadership of Islam two groups of people sort of separated. There's the Sunnis who believe that the leader of Islam can be any qualified person, and then the Shia who believe he has to be a relative of Muhammad. These sides don't currently get along very well.

Also if you're going to be in an Islam country you're probably going to see their flag a lot. Their symbol is the crescent moon with a star in the middle.

Remember, you have to respect their beliefs and practices. It is a very respectable religion, and the followers are faithful, so they can get offended easily.
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