Global Warming

Is it an Issue?

What is it?

Global warming is when greenhouse gases are trapped in the atmosphere, warming the earth. These gases include carbon dioxide, methane, etc. This was first noticed in the late 1800s, but it has already taken it's toll! All of these gases came from our terrible factories, not aware about how it impacts the planet. Some might say it is not real, but it is real and will destroy this planet!

Why is it a Problem?

It is certainly a problem! Global warming is a great danger to wild life and it is severely hurting our environment. Global warming will cause the end of our planet if nothing is done. Global warming will eventually turn this planet into a ball of fire and destroy everything here. Our way of life will never be the same.

Danger to Wildlife

Wildlife on earth is also being greatly impacted in global warming. Arctic wildlife, like polar bars, get the most impact from global warming. Since it is causing ice to melt, the polar bear's habitat is melting away in front of their eyes. Polar bears are forced to search for a home, some must even swim for 9 days non-stop until they find ice! This is causing a polar bears to drown and eventually go extinct. Scientists also project that two-thirds of the population will be gone by 2025. This is what global warming has done to our planet.
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This planet would burn if we do not take action now. Humanity will self-destruct if nothing is done.

Danger to Climate

Some say that the globe is always going through changes and that this is normal. The problem is, it has never changed this drastically! Since 1880, the temperature has risen by .8 degrees Celsius. There has also been a great increase in wildfires, tropical storms, and heat waves. There is no way that this could be normal!
Global Warming


There are many reasons why global warming is an environmental issue. Polar bears will be going extinct, and we are not even going to do anything about it. Not only that, but global warming is also changing the world we live in. Global warming will eventually become a catastrophic event that will destroy the world! This is an environmental issue that may destroy our ecosystem and way of life.