The Assembly Line and the Model T

"You can have any color, as long as it's black"- Henry Ford

How and when the invention was created

Henry Ford did not invent the assembly line or the gas powered car. He just put the two of them together to provide the common people of America with an affordable family car.

Ford first achieved this success in 1908 with his Model T; this became the only car that Ford produced in 1909. When the Model T was produced its price first started at 850 dollars in 1909. 850 dollars in 1909 would be worth about 22000 dollars in present time. Ford got his assembly line more efficient and by 1924 the price of the Model T was reduced to 300 dollars. 300 dollars in 1924 is about 4000 dollars in present time.

How the Model T works with the assembly line.

Henry Ford was inspired by a Chicago meat house that had a conveyor belt that brought the work to the workers. Ford also divided the labor into 84 distinct steps that only one person needed to do one step. A person would get good at one thing and pass the object right on down with the conveyor belt. This is what made the Model T so affordable. It was made so easily and was easy to be fixed with interchangeable parts.

The benefits now and then-how has it evolved

Ford gave America a car that was durable, able, and within their price range. He had a huge affect on the industry of car making and completely changed it. Now all car companies use assembly lines to produce their cars. People everywhere love the cars because they were easy to care for and replacement parts were easily accessed. This helped standardize the use of interchangeable parts in every industry. And of Course there is still a Ford Motor Company that is still using an assembly line to build their cars.


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