-Normal Physical repose to events
-Can help you or hurt you
- Stay organized and calm to stop your stress

Signs/ Recognition

Emotional :
-Feeling over whelmed
-Agitation,inability to relax

-Memory Promblem
-Poor Judgment
-Seeing only the negative

-Rapid heart beat
-Aches and pains

-Nervous Habits
-Sleeping to much or too little

Quick Statistics

-77% of people experience physical symptoms of stress regularly

-73% of them are mental.

-48% lay awake at night because of their stress

-54% of people say stress has caused them to fight with those close to them

How to help a friend with stress ?

- Encourage them to seek help from a health professional!

- Talk to them/find out what is wrong with them?

- Don't ever avoid the person if you see them down or wanting to talk!


1) Pascack Mental Health
114 Kinderkalnack Road
park ridge, NJ 07656

2) Pastoral counseling Service of Northern NJ
203 Hickory Avenue
Bergenfeild NJ, 07621

National Mental Health Association Hotline