European Country Discovery Project

By: Jaden Kuntz

Countrys Basics

The country that I chose was Macedonia. The capital of the country is Skopje. The flag from Macedonia has red with a yellow looking sun in the center of it, and 8 rays of sunlight. The meaning of it is that the yellow represents simplified version of the Star of Vergina, the red represents is that it has been a significant color throughout the history of Macedonian flags.


Macedonia is on the continent Europe. Some cities that are surrounding it are Bitola, Ohrid, Debar, Struga, Stip, Kumaovo, Stumica, Kavidarci, and Gevgelija. Some major landforms Macedonia has is vallys, mountains, plains, and rivers. Some major landmarks are national parks, ski resorts, lakes and many more landmarks. Macedonia has 3 volcanic lakes. Out of all 3 lakes, Ohrids lake is the biggest lake of Macedonia. The air pollution in Macedonia is also a current issue from metallurgiaca.


In Macedonia its type of government has a parliamentary democracy government. There is one leader that was elected in 2009 and then got reelected in 2014. His name was Gjorge Invanov. The leaders are chosen by letting the citizens vote for there leaders.


In Macedonia's economy, they are quite a poor nation in their economy. Macedonia's sub unit for money is: 1 (symbol) which equals 100 deni. There main export beverages, tobaco, textiles, miscellaneous manufactures, iron, and steel. There import is machinery and equipment and automobiles, chemicals, fuels, food, and products. The birth rate they have is the population of 11.55 births. The life expectancy at birth for the total population is 76.02 years. The water source improved: 96.4% total of population, The literacy rate is 97.8 of the population.


In Macedonia in the winter they wear: scarfs, gloves, hats, warm coats, and boots/shoes. In the summer they wear: warmer altitudes, and there warmer clothing should be taken. The languages that they speak are Albanian, Turkish, Serbian, Croatian, and Romani. Some holidays that Macedonia does are New Years, Christmas Eve, Easter, Labor Day, Day of Independence, Day of the Republic, and Saint Clemt of Orhid. There major religions are Orthodox Christiantity and Islam. There major beliefs in the evil eye is widespread, and religious practices. One of Macedonia's popular food is Tavche Gravche (it has boiled beans, onions, peppers, tomatoes, oil, flour, and various spices baked in a pottery sauce pan.


Macedonia's weather conditions are warm and dry Summers and Autumns and cold winters with heavy snow falls. The average yearly rainfall in the areas with mediteranean climate is fairly low. The average yearly temperature is that in the summer it is more like 48 degrees celsius in June, July and August. In the winter it is more like 26 degrees celsius in December, January and February. The resources that they have are some gold, silver, and copper.


An example of an event that happened in (1946-1949) is World War 2. It has contributed their current conditions because thousands of Macedonian's lost their lives and great numbers of villages were burnt down to the ground. Another example is that in 1933 Macedonia is now part of the united nations. It has contributed their current conditions because they monitored by the UN as a meditor, and blocking any acceptance of Macedonia in the international institutions by using its power to veto new members.

Compare and Contrast

The 2 aspects of Macedonia culture that I chose was language and government, The major languages that Macedonia speaks are Albanian, Turkish, Serbian, Croatian, and Romani. The united states have the languages English, Spanish, French, German, Korean, and Chinese. 2 differences about their languages are that they both do not speak the same languages, and there languages both are not in the same continents. 2 similarities are that the languages both have a lot of primary and secondary languages, and the languages are both in Latin America. 2 differences for the government are that the United States government is a federal government and the government that Macedonia has a parliamentary democracy, and the leaders are chosen differently. 2 similarities are that the governments both have to get elected, and that the citizens can both vote.

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