Marketing Coordinator

You may enjoy being one

Marketing Coordinator Job Description

A marketing coordinator is responsible for increasing brand awareness, drive sales, and create new business leads. Some recommended skill to have for this job are excellent communication skills, strong organizational skills, attention to accuracy and consistency, some computer and software skills, able to build relationships with many different types of people, and able to make strong presentations. The firm will provide you with training and many companies do not specify what type of degree you need however at least an associates degree is recommended. An average wage for a marketing coordinator is between $50,804 a year. Some personality traits in this job would be, good communication skills, good at analyzing, creative, able to manage projects, and needs to be a team player. The overall setting for this job is a typical office set up with some traveling.

Overall Field of Marketing

Currently there are approximately 17,122 jobs around the U.S. in the field of marketing. Of those 17,122, 327 are located in Atlanta and 620 are located in Georgia. The overall average wage is from 35k to 75k per year. If you are interested in an internship in the marketing field then I found a great job that involves Real Estate community investment internship located in Atlanta. In this internship you will be responsible for involvement in rental and ownership production, risk management, data systems and reporting, assist with the real estate financing, and participate in business development efforts. The requirements for this internship are the intern must be a student in a undergraduate program with strong academic standing, able to manage multiple projects, attentive to detail, good communication skills, eager to learn, shows motivation, knows how to work Microsoft Office.

Marketing Channel Manager

This is a international marketing job available in Atlanta. The company that is hiring is IBEX. It is an extremely well paying job that offers many benefits like base salary 100-120k, 401k matching, health benefits, and vacation. It has an excellent work environment and low dress code.