Rock Your School Day 2019

Wallace Elementary.... Are You Ready To Rock!?!

Get Your Teach On (GYTO) presents Rock Your School.

What if we could get EVERY student in EVERY classroom to love to learn? It's a tall order, but possible when we GIVE our students a reason to get excited about learning! Let's ROCK out for our students!

On September 19, 2019, join thousands of educators from around the world as you ROCK YOUR SCHOOL! GYTO is encouraging all educators to join in this movement to create an outside-the-box experience for your students. This doesn't have to be expensive or fancy, or even rock themed, but it does have to be captivating.

How do we capture students' attention? Do something different! Stretch yourself. Challenge your instructional practices! Find a way to deliver your ordinary content in an extraordinary way.

Let's show the world what education looks like at Wallace! More importantly, let's show our students that school is a place they WANT to be each and every day!

Read the information below to learn about the plan at Wallace and ideas you can use to get involved. Remember - we are still teaching content and following TRS - we are just doing it in a more exciting way. All staff at Wallace are expected to do at least ONE engaging activity on the 19th. Do something you are passionate about and let that passion shine through for our kids. Take a risk... every one of your colleagues will be taking risks too. WE are in this together! Let's ROCK!

Big picture

Walking The Red Carpet

Our students are our VIPs, and they are headed into a very special event! They are the celebrities entering the premier of the next big blockbuster - your lessons for the day! From the moment our kids exit their cars, they will hear the booming of rock music in the circle drive. WE WANT OUR KIDS TO DRESS UP AS ROCKERS THIS DAY. They will walk up the sidewalk to approach the paparazzi as they strut their stuff on the red carpet. They will pose for a few pics in front of the step and repeat backdrop, and some students may be interviewed by our very own Wallace Rockin' Reporters before they enter the through the strobe light entry to their world premier music video. As kids enter the school, they will go to the cafe or the gym where we will have music playing for them. It will be an event to remember and it will set the tone for the amazing day you all will have planned. This will just give them a taste of the day to come.

VIP Experiences and Rooms Sign-Up

What VIP Event Could Enhance Your Content?

In addition to lessons you can teach in your own room, here are a few special VIP experiences you may choose to sign-up for (not required). You may co-teach with Tricia or book a SEL session with our Counselors or book the Glow Room. We want to make the content come to life... sign-up for one of these if you feel it will enhance the engagement of the content you are teaching. (The Glow Room is not spaces for indoor recess or playing - they are meant to be learning spaces.) There are also opportunities to partner with Judy Boone in the library or to reserve the West Cafe (for more space to spread out and do an activity that may require more movement).

What Can You Do In Your Class?

The Ideas Below are Hyperlinked to Great Resources

Conduct a Breakout

Choose a Theme

Become Comfortable with a Prop

Transform Your Class

Intro New Learning Apps from Teacher Corner

Incorporate Lead4Ward Strategies

Introduce a Lesson with a Video or Even Make a Video

Use Strategies and Hooks from Teach Like a Pirate - On the Library Resources for Teachers

Check-out Games from Mr. P. - Just email to borrow them.

North Texas Giving Day

This day is also North Texas Giving Day - students can choose to pay $1 or more at the booth in front of the school that day. The office will be manning the table with some of the ALPHAS. Teachers please consider donating too... all money goes back to RISD students and scholarships. If kids turn in money to you in your room, please get it to Mandy in the office.


We encourage you to try something new on the 19th. You can do it! Many of you said these were the most memorable lessons you did this last year. As you teach these engaging lessons, pay close attention to student behavior - are you seeing kids have less behavior issues? Listen to statements of kids - are they excited to be here today? We want them to have the most positive experience with school possible, and it starts with YOU. From Music to Science, from the Cafeteria to the Garden, from PK to 6th Grade - let's engage them ALL!