By Riley Shultz

What Do They Do?

They care for the health of animals, cure their injuries, and treat the sick or I'll animals. You preform surgeries, prescribe medicine and help out a family.

How much do we earn?

Annually: $84,650

Hourly: $40.61

How do you become one?

To become a veterinarian you need a doctor or professionals degree in veterinary medicines or any other related fields. The best colleges for this occupation are the Universitt of California ($32,241 annually) and the university of Colorado ($25,242 annually).

What are some skills you should have?

Medicine dentistry, biology, customer and personal service, english language, mathematics. You need to be good at decision making and communication with clients, you will also need to know how to use a variety of advanced equipment.

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Pros of the job

  • Pays very well

  • Taking care of animals

  • Help a family

Job outlook

  • projected growth rate at %12 from 2012 to 2022
  • private practice demand increasing
  • slow growth

related careers

  1. Zoologist and Wildlife Biologist: study animals and other wildlife outdoors
  2. Physicians and Surgeons: diagnose and treat injuries and illnesses
  3. Animal Care and Service Workers: provide care for animals