New Zealand!

West Coast.

Shantytown west coast NZ

The West Coast NZ is a great place to go for a family trip as there is lots to do.

Such As: Caving , Off-Road Driving, and Visiting Shantytown.

While visiting Shantytown you can be taken on a steam train ride over original tracks heading through a native rain forest, see and hear a real working sawmill and a viscous sluice gun in action.

One of the staff at shantytown will be happy to help you pan for your own gold and you can take it home as your very own.

Enjoy beautiful short walks through a rainforest and experience it at your own pace.

When your ready for a break see and taste refreshments from everyone's tearooms that are built with a touch of life from the early days.

As a vivid memory of your visit to Shantytown grab a costume and get a photo of you in the past.

With its many attractions the west coast is a exciting place to visit.


The West Coast (or as it is pronounced in Maori: 'Te Tai Poutini'). is now made up of three districts: Buller, Grey and Westland. The main towns are Westport, Greymouth and Hokitika.

The West Coast is mostly still land that has not been built on or farmed. Maori were first to discover the West Coast, finding bits of jade or greenstone. When the gold was discovered on the West Coast in the 1860s many Europeans came and lots of them decided to stay and from then started farming, forestry and businesses.

Some of the favorite sights in the West Coast.

The West Coast is a great place to experience!