October 2020



Lockport Elementary School District 91

Dear District 91 Families,

Tuesday the evening of September 15th, the Board of Education discussed our current status and the recommendation for blended learning to begin. I am happy to say that we are on track and will open our buildings on Monday, September 28, 2020, for students who chose the district’s blended learning option.

In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 we have developed additional procedures and protocols for staff and students alike. It is important that all families follow these protocols and work with the district to take mitigating measures to reduce the spread. These measures include wearing a mask when at school and in other public places having large groups of people, washing or sanitizing your hands throughout the day, and practicing social/physical distancing of at least 6 feet.

It is our hope that by following the procedures and protocols in our Roadmap to Reopening document we will be able to keep our buildings open for on-site learning and keep our staff and students healthy.

We are using several metrics to guide our decision making:

  • Weekly percent positivity rate

  • Weekly number of new cases per 100,000

  • Weekly number of new cases

  • Weekly number of youth cases

  • Number of CLI (COVID like illness - among staff & students)

  • Number of positive cases (building & district-wide)

  • Staffing levels at each building

We want families to know that there may be occasions when we will need to implement short-term closures to prevent/contain the spread of COVID-19 in our schools. We are monitoring metrics daily and will do our very best to give families as much notice as possible, should we need to close. We encourage all families to establish a backup plan for child care in case we need to close one or both of our buildings for a period of time. If this were to happen all students would resume remote learning for the duration of the closure.

We are very excited and are looking forward to having students back in the buildings! Please look for additional information about students returning to school from your child’s building principal. We are counting down the days!


Donna Gray


A Note from the Principal

Dear KG Parents,

It’s really hard to believe that a month of school has already passed, because at some points this summer it felt like school would never get started. Of course it eventually did and not in our traditional way. We can’t thank all of our parents enough for playing such a large role in the start of our school year. Your input on the multitude of surveys that were sent out provided valuable information to formulate the plans to get students back in school. This idea of communication is going to be the key to success this year.

The two-way communication between home and school is what we will be striving to perfect. Unfortunately, it might feel as if you’re being bombarded with emails, voicemail messages, or even old school letters as we attempt to reach out to each of you about school schedules, new building protocols, and classroom information. Additionally, information is coming through different platforms, such as ParentSquare, Infinite Campus, Google Classroom, and our website. The ultimate goal is to be able to reach each other using these various modes of communication. The school wants to be accessible in regards to the needs of students and parents during the blended and remote learning models. We also ask that parents be accessible for communication from the school. Please make sure we have the most current contact information including cell phone numbers and email addresses to reach you. We also want to respect when communication will be sent and answered. Teachers and the district will be sending messages during the day and understand that parents may be unable to respond to requests while at work. Similarly, teachers will have limited time in the evening to respond to parent or student communications, but you can expect teachers to reply within 24 hours of receipt of the message. As long as parents and teachers continue to have two-way communication about the children, we are setting up students for success.

Once again it’s great to have kids back in the building. It’s important that the school continue to operate with its doors open for kids but that will take all of us doing our part to stay healthy and safe. If anyone in the family is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, please do the responsible thing and report it to our nurse and keep your child(ren) home from school. The virus has an infection rate of 2-3 people per positive case. With that high of spread, it wouldn’t take long for our school to be closed to students again because a child was sent to school not feeling well. The school may also have to close preemptively to avoid spreading of the disease due to a high rate of travel or large local positivity rates of infection. Communication will be key here and the district pledges to keep our families informed if we experience positive cases within the district. We’re doing all we can to mitigate the spread within the school and to keep kids present for in-person instruction for as long as we can.

We can’t thank you enough for all the support you have provided to our staff during this difficult start to the school year. It just proves what an amazing school community we have at Kelvin Grove. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions for improvement.


John Jennings


Lockport School District 91 Board of Education and the April 6, 2021 Consolidated Election

In the spring 2021 election, District 91 voters will be electing School Board Members.

There are four 4-year seats and one 2-year seat up for election. If you, or any D91

community member you know, is interested in running for the D91 School Board,

candidate petition packets are available now for pick up through the Will County Clerk’s

Office, 302 North Chicago Street, Joliet, or can be accessed via their website,


Completed nominating petition packets are due back to the county clerk’s office by the

December 21, 2020 filing deadline.

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Attendance Reminders

District 91 requires parents/guardians to contact the Attendance Office at (815)838-0737

extension 1, PRIOR TO 9AM whenever a child will be late to school or will be absent

for any part of the school day, whether they are missing virtual learning or in person

learning. The message must contain the following information:

 Student first and last name, their grade, and teacher name

 Detailed reason or symptom for the absence/late to school (students that

are not called in or are called in without a reason are considered TRUANT

and unexcused, and will be reported as such)

A ParentSquare notification is sent out to parents/guardians who have not called in their

child by 9AM and have not signed in by 9AM, and to parents/guardians that merely

indicate their child “will not be in school” or are “out due to a family emergency”

requesting the parent/guardian contact the attendance office immediately to advise the

details for the absence. Family emergencies may be considered an excused absence

depending on the details provided.

If you fail to contact the attendance office the child is placed on the Truancy List.

Student attendance, whether virtual or in person, is crucial to student success.

Appointments during the school day are discouraged. If you child needs to be dismissed

any time during the school day (e.g., dental or doctor appointment), please notify the

attendance office prior to the absence. Proof of the appointment is required in order for

the absence to be considered excused. See student/parent handbook on our website

regarding make up work and/or a pre-arranged absence.

School Food Service

Through the SFS Program, ALL D91 students eat for FREE bagged lunch through December of 2020 REGARDLESS OF INCOME.

THE MEALS ARE 100% FREE OF CHARGE FOR ALL PARTICIPANTS - All you need to do is OPT IN BY WEDNESDAY the 23rd September for your child(ren) to receive:

  • In person meals on blended attendance days AND/OR
  • Meals to pick up for at home / remote learning days

Families that do not respond will be automatically opted in for meals on in person attendance days to ensure all children have a meal at school. To get started with this meal program, log into ParentSquare and complete the form or complete the paper form and return ASAP. You will not order meals by day, just say yes or no for the full month.

FROM SEPT 28 - OCT 6th - students/guardians must pick up meals DAILY at Kelvin Grove OR Milne Grove (designate your pick up site on order form) between 9am and 10am. Also on these days, all students receiving lunch at school will be sent home with breakfast.

BEGINNING ON OCTOBER 7th, families will pick up ALL meals each Wednesday from 11:30am-12:30pm.

If you have questions, please contact:

Mrs. Dennis, Lunch Coordinator at Milne Grove

815-838-0542, ext. 2117


Mrs. Latham, Lunch Coordinator at Kelvin Grove

815-838-0737, ext. 1164



Notes From Your School Nurse

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Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year! Although we are off to a much different start than we all were hoping for, one of my main goals is still to provide a safe and healthy environment for your child. We ask for your help in this by: (a) remembering to fill out the daily health screening for each child, (b) to keep them home should they show even 1 symptom of an illness (coughing, sneezing, runny nose, sore throat, fever, shortness of breath, congestion, etc.), and (c) if you are calling your child in on the absence line, please be as specific as possible when describing their symptoms. All information is kept confidential.

As a precaution, your child’s temperature will be taken prior to entering the building. If the daily health screening is not completed, your child will see the nurse before entrance into the building.

Illinois State law requires that all physicals and immunizations are current and on file by October 15, 2020. There is not an extension period; exclusions will begin on this date if your child’s physical is not provided by this date. 6th grade students will need to provide proof of 2 additional vaccinations: Tdap & MCV.

  • MCV (meningococcal conjugate vaccination) is administered at 11 years of age and again in high school. This vaccination forms antibodies to assist in fighting a severe form of bacterial meningitis, as well as other illnesses caused by this bacterium.

  • Tdap (Tetanus, Diphtheria, and Pertussis) is administered at 11 years of age.

  • Parents: Remember to fill out and sign/date the Health History section. This can be located on the back side of the form, at the very top.

Occasionally your child may become ill at school. It is important that the school have your correct home telephone number and work number, as well as an emergency number of a relative, friend, or neighbor that may be contacted in the event a parent cannot be reached. It is encouraged to have more than 1 emergency contact, should that person not be available. Please contact the school with any updates. I will keep you informed if your child makes frequent visits to the health office. Sometimes children complain of illness but that may not be the core issue. I welcome calls to inform me of any home or medical issue your child may be experiencing. Part of reaching our goal to keep your child in class to optimize his/her learning involves consistency of health practices at school and at home.

The Student Handbook reads, “If a student is absent for 4 or more consecutive days of school, a doctor’s note is required upon returning to school.” Parents are required to notify the school when a child has been diagnosed as having a communicable disease. Notices can then be sent home to alert parents of other children who may have been exposed. All names of children will be kept confidential.

Visit the Health and Wellness section of the District 91 website to find appropriate forms and more information about physicals, immunizations, dental and eye exams.

Ms. Gilkerson & Ms. Lacasse have been preparing for our student’s return. One step they have each completed, along with Mrs. Gray, Mrs. Koziol, and Mr. Jennings, is a course on contact tracing.

  • What is contact tracing?
    It is an effective tool that aids in slowing the spread of infectious diseases.

  • How does this slow the spread of illnesses?
    Contact tracing allows you to be notified that you have been exposed to an illness. You will be informed to monitor your health and what signs/symptoms to look for. You will be asked to recall specific information, such as: who you have been in contact with, places that you have been, if you live alone or with family, etc. You also are asked to isolate or quarantine.

  • Isolation vs. Quarantine:
    Isolation separates someone with a contagious illness from those who are not sick. Separation will take place throughout the duration of the illness. Quarantine restricts the movement of healthy individuals who were exposed to a contagious illness, to see if they develop symptoms.

  • Contact tracers need to be able to calculate the amount of time one should isolate or quarantine from others. The CDC and IDPH recommend 10-14+ days, dependent on the situation.

  • All information discussed is to remain confidential. It will only be shared with those who may need to know, such as your healthcare provider. Your name will not be shared with those you came in contact with.

You can find more information on contact tracing at:

4th & 5th Grade Guidance

I hope all is well with your family and that you are managing well through this stressful time! Both the beginning and the end of each school year are challenging enough when we are able to interact in person, and we are certainly learning new skills as we navigate remotely through these important times together. While it may not be easy, this is an excellent opportunity for us to have important conversations with our children about handling challenging situations in life, to reassure them of our love for them, and to be role models as we all learn together and employ our coping skills to manage our stress and emotions.

I look forward to working with your children this year in guidance classes. We will be working through the Second Step program and learning about empathy and respect, managing emotions, interacting with others, and problem solving. Students will be challenged to practice their new skills at home as well, so there may be some homework assignments they will share with you. By reinforcing and helping your child practice these skills at home, you are helping them become more successful both now and in the future.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the guidance program or if I can assist your family in any way, please contact me. I would love to hear from you! I would also encourage you to visit my webpage to find out more about the Guidance program and other helpful information.

Kathi Henderson

Kelvin Grove Student Counselor/Social Worker

Email: khenderson@d91.net

Phone: 815-838-0737 Ext 1132

Website: www.henderson91.weebly.com


Welcome Back KG FAMILIES!!! As the school year begins, some students may feel stressed or frustrated at times due to the lack of routine they had over the summer. It is important for students to use their breaks to get up, move around and take a break from the screen. “Frustration always comes before achievement”.Here are some tips to help your student work through their emotions.

Mrs. Lindsey Burnette

Please feel free to contact me:


EXT 1176


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4th Grade

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Fourth Grade October Newsletter


  • Students have been reading short stories from the basal reader. Students should be re-reading the stories at home for additional practice.

  • Students should be practicing spelling words.


  • Please work with your child on fact fluency.

  • Students can use Think Central (the online component of Go Math) to practice concepts learned.


  • Students have been learning about plant and animal parts.

Social Studies

  • Students have been learning about the geography of the United States.


  • In the event that a student misses a lesson for any reason, it is his or her responsibility to log onto Google Classroom for the subject(s) missed to watch the recorded lesson and complete any work assigned.

  • The following link (also found on your child’s Google Classroom Homeroom page) includes important information, such as schedules, frequently used links, and extension activities: https://padlet.com/mmalito1/q5p6dm3gw5y2ycsk

5th Grade

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Welcome back to another school year! Emails are being sent home weekly with information pertaining to your child’s education in all subject areas. Please be sure to read these emails.

Fifth grade students are back in full force with academics. We have read different genres of literature in reading. In language students have learned about the various parts of speech, along with declarative, interrogative, exclamatory and imperative sentences and identifying the subject and predicate in a sentence. We started the year off in science studying our unit on recycling, and are now learning about the cycles of nature. Students learned about the 3 R’s, as well as, how long it takes for items to decompose in a landfill. In Social Studies we are learning about the first people of North America.

We are looking forward to a great school year. Party sign up information is located on your teacher’s website. Please remember to check your child’s agenda daily, along with your teacher’s website for updated homework and test information. Any questions or concerns please email your child’s teacher.

Fifth Grade Teachers

Lasec Academy

Mr. Whitcomb’s Monthly Update

It is hard to believe that we are already through the first month of the 2020-2021 school year! It seems like time is flying by. I continue to be amazed at the level of engagement demonstrated by learners each school day. We continue to maintain a near perfect attendance rate. I thank our students and families for their continued commitment to leveling up in LASEC Academy this school year!

In terms of academics, we have had an action-packed month, covering a variety of different core academic and Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) standards. In mathematics, students have been working on identifying integers, the Greatest Common Factor (GCF), Least Common Multiples (LCM), comparing and ordering integers, and absolute value. In Language Arts, we started the year by reading the story “Ferdinand the Bull,” by Munro Leaf. We also discussed the background of the author, Munro Leaf, and how his story, that was written in just 25 minutes, would become a worldwide favorite. From there, we held a discussion on the theme of the Ferdinand story, and how the theme develops the plot of a story. This lesson allowed for a smooth crossover into Social Studies, where we discussed the history of Spain, where the "Ferdinand" story takes place. We also learned more about Mahatma Gandhi, and his mission for promoting peace and calmness, much like "Ferdinand the Bull." During the week of September 8, our classroom held a mini unit on 9/11. Part of this instructional lesson involved taking a virtual tour of New York, learning its history, and reading the story "I Survived the Attacks on September 11, 2001," by Lauren Tarshis. Students took a comprehension quiz on the “I survived” story and I was incredibly proud of the outcomes from the assessment.

Throughout the remaining weeks of September and looking ahead to October, students will be engaging in a myriad of lessons. We have started our novel “Wonder,” by R.J. Palacio, answering questions to assess comprehension, covering various SEL and core academic standards, and identifying the author’s purpose for the story. We also will continue to work on grammar, idioms, and the writing process. In Social Studies, we have covered “Hispanic Heritage Month;” learning about, and mapping key events in History, through a timeline activity; covering the principles and evolution of economics; learning about the Great Chicago Fire of 1871; and, completing a project on student leadership and the power of student voice. In terms of Science, we will continue to participate in interactive science lessons about energy, space, genetics, ecology, cells, and coding. We will also be finalizing our creative writing projects on natural disasters. Lastly, for Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) standards, we will be covering the principles of growth mindset, mindfulness, “The Power of Yet,” perseverance, self-determination, collaboration, and teamwork.

In closing, I am so excited to have our future leaders back in the building! Although this school year may look different than in years past, I am confident that we will have the best year yet. As always, should you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at rwhitcomb@d91.net.

Partners in education,

Ryan Whitcomb, M.Ed.

LASEC Academy Case Manager/Teacher (Learning Behavior Specialist)

Kelvin Grove School


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Junior High CAD

We’ve started off the year reviewing math and grammar rules. We then wrote our first paragraph together. It was about sharing kindness. In social studies, we have been discussing how neighborhoods are changing and are moving into Native American studies. We have reviewed addition, subtraction and adding prices. Reading groups are completing phonics pages, comprehension pages and storyline events. We’re off to a great start!

6th Grade

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This month, the 6th grade is focusing on responsibility. Students are responsible for turning in assignments on time. If an assignment is not turned in on time, the grade is entered as missing, which records it as a zero. That grade remains missing until the student turns the assignment in and lets the teacher know that they have completed the missing assignment. Please check Infinite Campus for up to date missing assignments.

7th Grade

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Students have been working through the novel study on Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson, it’s from the perspective of a young enslaved girl living in New York during the beginning of the American Revolution. Please ask your student to share their thoughts and ideas as we read together.

Sadlier aka Happilier is in full swing, the students have been diligently working on their vocabulary activities. Each student has access to the program and can show assignments both complete and incomplete as well as test scores.

Eleanor Roosevelt has been the topic of discussion as of late, her life and ability to overcome challenges in her life has provided inspiration for our students. Jackie Robinson is our next biography.


Students have been focusing on the Scientific Tools of Inquiry. We have had fun and engaging mini lessons to encourage students to use the tools of inquiry. We have been making Observations, Asking Questions, Predicting, Planning & Investigating, Hypothesizing, and finally Interpreting. Students have their first notebook check in at the end of the last mini lesson. The notebook check in is worth 100 points.

Social Studies

Students have been working on studying the location and spelling of all 50 states and their capitals. We are now moving on to explore what life was like in the Colonial times. We will be comparing the similarities and differences between the location and function of each grouping of colonies including; New England, The Middle Colonies, The Southern Colonies, and the Backcountry. Students will be completing their homework through google classroom. Students will put all of the section homework assignments into one large google document to be graded at the end of the chapter. The homework assignments must be turned in before the chapter test in order to receive credit for their work.


Students have been working on using operations with integers. We are working towards being able to apply operations with positive and negative numbers to real world situations. If a scenario comes up where your student can show off these skills I encourage you to ask them to do so! In the next few weeks to come, we will begin working with rational numbers, proportions, ratios, and percentages.

8th Grade

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October 2020 - Newsletter

Eighth Grade Team



Sadlier Vocabulary Workshop: https://www.sadlierconnect.com/@1952592

Vocabulary study using the online Sadlier Connect program takes place on a regular basis. After each unit of study, the students will take a final assessment covering the words of the unit. Reading short stories from our Literature text (stories will be posted online) will be our focus in reading for a majority of the first trimester. Assignments based on each story need to be completed in a timely manner. Final tests are given after the stories have been discussed and analyzed.

SOCIAL STUDIES - Discovery Education

Online Textbook: http://www.discoveryeducation.com/

Civics and Government (Chapter 1 - Origins of Government)

Students will be examining the different forms of government.

Later in the month, students will begin to explore the Antebellum time period.

SCIENCE -StemScopes

Online Textbook:http://stemscopes.com/ (login with school email and password)

Students will continue our unit “The Earth and the Solar System”.

Through our studies of the solar system, we will have answered the questions: Students will be studying the Moon cycle and phases.

What is the universe? What goes on in stars? What are the predictable patterns caused by Earth's movement in the solar system?


Online Textbook:https://my.hrw.com/ (login with school email and password)

During the next month, we will be working on Unit 2 of the Go Math Grade 8 Series, Proportional and Nonproportional Relationships and Functions. The unit consists of four modules. Throughout these modules, students will explore proportional and nonproportional relationships, how to write linear functions, and will finish the unit learning about functions. Reading and analyzing graphs will be an important part of this!

The students will have quizzes throughout the unit, with one unit test at the completion of the fourth and final module.

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Welcome back students! You have done a great job in September with remote Physical Education! For the month of October, we will be continuing fitness activities so that we can practice improving our Fitnessgram scores. We will also be doing a variety of fun activities, such as scavenger hunts and fitness puzzles. When we get back, we will be doing the pre-test for our Fitnessgram testing.


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Welcome Back All Kelvin Grove Artists!

I hope your summer was memorable and it was wonderful to see all parents at Expectation Night - although virtually! If any questions were left unanswered, please feel free to contact me anytime.

The fall months ahead yield many wonderful projects for all grades. Each Kelvin Grove artist has created their own personal sketchbook for all pre planning, practicing, and brainstorming prior to projects assigned. Although we completed this activity at home, everyone did a wonderful job with the art of collage. We warm up in art - just like sports or in music - so we will use our sketchbooks daily. We will also be completing many creative writing assignments in our sketchbooks as well. All students will have an ongoing book of their art journey in the 2020-2021 school year!

All grades are also working on a digital portfolio to photograph and store all their artwork completed. We have already started decorating and designing the first few slides and have added project #1 into place. I am so very proud of all the time, effort, and motivation each student has been putting forth as we start the school year. Thank you to parents and caregivers for all the extra help you have provided - We appreciate you wholeheartedly.

Mrs. Cravens


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We want to get all D91 Families Singing and Making Music Together.

Check Music Web Pages for links to songs to sing together.

Contact Mrs. Randolph K-8 Music & KG Chorus Director Email: srandolph@d91.net PHONE: 815-838-0737 ext. 1140

KELVIN GROVE CHORUS - No information until Covid restrictions change. (I miss you!!)

SPECIAL REQUEST: when sending me emails or contacting me, please always include student’s first and last name, grade, and homeroom teacher. Thank you.

Thank you so much to all of the parents and people helping our students during remote learning. A SPECIAL THANK YOU for your patience, support, and understanding while we ALL learn how to use technology to help us teach remotely!!

All D91 Students will be studying Music:

Through Google Classroom Music & completing WEEKLY Assignments by deadline - found under Classwork and D91 Music Web Pages by Grade

SEPTEMBER: Patriotism (love of country) and patriotic music + celebrating September 14, 1814 the day Francis Scott Key wrote the words to the “Star-Spangled Banner” (our National Anthem)

history of Star-Spangled Banner https://youtu.be/Umg8v6DLZjs

web sing a long https://youtu.be/vPKp29Luryc

OCTOBER: Seasonal Music + Drumming

MUSIC FUNDRAISERS (See Music Web page for more pictures):


METAL TABS off cans. Please send tabs in a ziplock bag or WIDE Mouthed container, then have students empty it into the Music Tab buckets at school

D91 Music Web sites:

Music HOME Page https://randolphd91music.weebly.com/

Milne Grove Music https://randolphd91music.weebly.com/milne-grove.html

Kindergarten Music https://randolphd91music.weebly.com/kindergarten.html

First Grade Music https://randolphd91music.weebly.com/1st-grade.html

Second Grade Music https://randolphd91music.weebly.com/2nd-grade.html

Third Grade Music https://randolphd91music.weebly.com/3rd-grade.html

Thank you for sharing your wonderful children with me as we explore the many areas of Music. Musically Yours, Mrs. Randolph

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Director: Mrs. Plagman

The Band Plays On! Although this school year is looking different from any that any of us can remember, the students are busy making music during their lessons. I was so excited the first week of lessons, just to see the students’ faces and hear their voices! The students are working hard on their instrument fundamentals, music theory, rhythmic independence, and individual musical growth. The goal is for us to be better musicians after this, so when we can be together as an ensemble again, we will be even better than before! Keep up the hard work Intermediate and Concert Band!

Is your child interested in joining band? Beginning Band is going to look a little different this year; however, I still want to get the beginners going so when we can play together we will have great success! To start the beginners this year, we are going to start working on note reading, rhythm, and music theory without instruments. Once I get your child fitted with an instrument and can start them in-person, we will not have to worry so much about the music fundamentals and really focus on the playing of the instrument. Beginning Band Sign-up will be Monday, October 5 - Friday, October 9. Keep an eye out for a ParentSquare for more details and sign-up information.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me by phone (838-0737 x1139) or e-mail (nplagman@d91.net).


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Never would we have ever imagined a time where we would have to use technology so much.

Technology class is off to a great start!

The 4th and 5th graders are working on coding. They are learning how to program, create algorithms, and sequence.

The 6th and 7th graders are creating their own animations of words and names using sprites and coded add ons.

In 8th grade we have introduced a new program from Khan Academy. The kids have just started the introductory unit Drawing and Animation.

Also, all grades will be spending one day in class organizing their drives and emails. This is an important skill for not just the kids but adults too!

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Each and every student at Kelvin Grove Middle School is provided media/library lessons, enrichment, reading platforms and activities on Wednesdays. Information is located on the KG CyberLibrary website.

Please reach out any time if you or your student(s) need assistance..

Contact Information

Mrs. Sharon Bruemmer, LRC Coordinator/District 91 Webmaster

Kelvin Grove Middle School Learning Resource Center

808 Adams Street Lockport, IL 60441

815-838-0i737 Ext. 1109 sbruemmer@d91.net



InfoBytes about Mrs. B:

Google Certified Educator Level 1, Level 2 | Illinois School Library Media Association (ISLMA) Member | AASL Member | Illinois Digital Educators Alliance (IDEA) Member | RAILS - Reaching Across Illinois Library System -Past Board of Directors | Past District 91 Education Foundation Board Member | NCLB & State of Illinois Approved | WPAC: Web Profession Advisory Council | HTML Writers Guild Member | IWA: International Webmasters Association Member | IAWMD: International Association of Webmasters & Designers Member | I-Safe Certified | 2005 Illinois State Board of Education's "Those Who Excel" Recipient |

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D91 Education Foundation

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We would like to give a special thanks to the D91 community for your continued support to the D91 Education foundation by using smile.amazon.com and choosing District 91 Education as your charity. This simple action while you shop goes a long way! Thank You!

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September Students Of The Month

Student Questionnaire Forms attached below

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PTO Pop's Fundraiser

Come order and eat at Pop's to support your PTO on 10/16/20!

More events to follow!

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Oct 9 Midterm

Oct 12 Columbus Day-No School

Oct 14 Fall Picture Day(Remote)

Oct 15 Fall Picture Day (Green)

Oct 16 Fall Picture Day (Gold)

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Fall Pictures

REMOTE Students Wednesday, October 14th

Sign up times between 8:30am-11:30am on Parent Square for all Remote students

GREEN Students in person during school Thursday, October 15th

GOLD Students in person during school Friday, October 16th

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