Please Stop Laughing At Me


Jodee Blanco

Please stop laughing at me is an Autobiography about bullying..When Jodee was in elementary school things were great she was apart of the popular crowd and always got invited to slumber parties and she threw parties.But later the story switched she started to volunteer to help the special needs kids and her so called best friend Marianne didn't like her helping them she thought that they were weird,Later she began to get picked on and from that day forward to middle school and high school she perceived was as an outcast to her school through her life she switched schools about two times.Morgan Hills Academy Jodee was in middle school now she had new friends but,Callie and Debbie were her best friends,then an accident occurred at Callie's,this is when the harassing started again her parents began to think she was depressed so they took her to a psychiatrist when she first she wouldn't talk to her at all then a few weeks later she started to open up to her. Jodee later moved to a new high school and new house an new environment and new friends.Emily,Jim,Sam,Rickie,Robbie,Greg,exc. But the bullying came again just because she stood up for what was right she was verbally,physically and emotionally harassed by her fake best friends.