Haydynn Roos

Daily Activities

The daily activities for an attorney depends on the work he/she does or the law firm the person is with. Most days for all attorneys involve keeping track of court cases, talks with clients, deadlines, writing letters and emails. Some days we have a lot of free time and others were too busy.

Working Conditions

Most work is done in law libraries, offices, courts, and sometimes clients homes. Attorneys attached to a law firm work about 40-50 hours a week. Attorneys that have private practice work weird schedules. They work around people and alone.

Yearly Wages

Yearly wages depend on skills, experience, city, and employer. Meaning the yearly wage can be anywhere from $47k to $153k

Preparation or Training

To become an attorney, you have to attend four years of law school, pass the BAR exam, and have a doctoral or professional degree.

Skills and Abilities Needed


-Interpersonal Skills


-Attention to Detail

-Honesty and Integrity

Recommended Core Classes and Electives



-Business Law


-Computer Applications

Steps to Becoming a Lawyer