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February 10, 2014

Language Arts

Word Wall words: could, people, my, than, first
Phonics skill: long a spelled ay and ai
day, stay, play, today, rain, pail, wait, brain
more challenging words: painless, restrain, entertain, complaint

Amazing Grace
: character traits / author's big idea
Owl Moon: examining the way an author uses sensory details
Reinforce compound words and contractions

Sentence dictation on Friday, February 14.

In writing we will be working on creating a circle map about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln to be used for writing.


*Identifying coins, their values and the relationships among them in order to recognize the need for monetary transactions
*Using relationships to count by twos, fives and tens to determine the value of a collection of pennies, nickels and /or dimes
*Showing amounts different ways
*Introducing the quarter

Science / Social Studies

*Distinguish between past, present and future and create a simple timeline
*Identify the contributions of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln and understand how they have influenced the nation
*Obtain information about a topic using sources such as a map
*Identify Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Edison as individuals who have exhibited individualism and inventiveness


Student School Holiday
Don't forget that Monday, February 17 will be a student holiday. Enjoy the long weekend.


You should have received a pink letter about creating a container for the valentine cards. Boxes may be brought to school beginning Wednesday, February 12. We are looking forward to our party on Friday, the 14th beginning at 1:45 p.m. Many thanks to our room moms for organizing this fun time and to all the generous families contributing items!

School Enrichment Model (SEM/E time)
Friday will be the first day for our Cluster Groups. Be sure to ask your child which group they will be participating in. We will have a cluster showcase in the spring. If you are new to Austin you can learn more about our School Enrichment Time on Ms. Malone's blog below.

Open House
Mark your calendars now for the school wide Open House on March 6 during Texas Public Schools Week. This will be a come and go event in the evening.