NRMS Family Newsletter

For the Week of September 20, 2021

North Rockford Middle School

Principal: Lissa Weidenfeller

Assistant Principal: Al Reickard

Student Activities/AD: Jen Domagalski

Counselors: Angie Ohlman


  • September 22 - Early Release for Students
  • September 28 - Parent Teacher Conferences
  • September 30 - Parent Teacher Conferences
  • October 20 - Early Release for Students

Student Early Release: September 22, 2021

  • Lunch will be served to all students.
  • Dismissal is at 12:00 pm

Early Release Schedule

FIRST HOUR 7:40 - 8:12

SECOND HOUR 8:17 - 8:49

THIRD HOUR 8:54 - 9:26

FOURTH HOUR 9:31 – 10:03

FIFTH HOUR 10:08 – 10:40

SIXTH HOUR (Lunches) 10:45 - 12:00

Fall Parent Teacher Conferences: Virtual or Phone Conference Options

Parent/Teacher conferences will be held on September 28 (4:00 – 7:00) and September 30 (4:00 – 7:00). Conferences will be done remotely utilizing phone calls or Google Meet. To make the process easier for parents and teachers, we will be using a scheduling tool called School Bookings. We will be sending out more information on how to sign-up this week!

NWEA Testing and Student Goal Setting

Our students finished NWEA Map Growth testing last week. Our students tested in math, reading, language, and science. MAP Growth reports will be sent home with students the week of 09/27/2021, which will include your child's growth goals. Please review these goals with your child. The next NWEA testing session will be in January.


Reminder: Drop-off and Pick-up Information

Parent Drop-Off Times: 7:15 am to 7:35 am

Parent Pick-up Time: 2:30 pm

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North Rockford Middle School will once again be running our annual, school-wide fundraising drive during August and September. This initiative is very important to our school to fund various student recognition programs, subsidize costs for student events such as school dances and middle mania, and provide assistance for students in need. This assistance includes partial scholarships to 6th-grade camp, 7th and 8th grade class trips, school supplies, or other needs that arise.

North Rockford Middle School decided to transition to a donation system for fundraising, in lieu of the magazine sale that had been in place for many years. We chose to move to this type of fundraiser for four main reasons:

  1. NRMS will keep 100% of every donation to use for the benefit of our students.
  2. Students and families will not be asked to sell any product or service.
  3. We maintain a focus on learning in the classroom by reducing disruptions and distractions associated with traditional fundraising initiatives.
  4. Several RPS elementary schools have been successful with this type of fundraising.

In order to support the NRMS programs listed above, we ask that you consider a one-time, family donation of $25.00. If you are able to support our school in this manner, please see the attachment for the merchandise order form, attach your contribution, and send it in with your student to the main office. If you would like to donate a different amount based on circumstances, we appreciate that as well. It is important to clarify that students may be asked to participate in other program fundraisers for specific programs such as band, choir, 6th-grade camp, etc.

Thank you for your continued support of North Rockford Middle School.


Attendance and Tardiness Information

Students are required to arrive to school and to each class on time. The following is a partial list of what is considered an unexcused tardy: overslept/alarm not going off, missing the bus, car problems of any kind, bad road conditions. See tardy policy below for details on consequences for failing to arrive on time.

Tardy Policy:

1. Students are allowed 2 “free” tardies for each class each trimester.

2. On the 3rd tardy, a 30-minute after-school detention will be served.

3. The 4th, 5th, 6th, and all successive tardies will result in an after-school detention with the principal and a behavior referral will be completed by the teacher.

4. On the 7th tardy, a meeting will be scheduled with the principal, parents, student and student’s teacher. The student will not be allowed in class until this meeting takes place.

Chronic absenteeism is when students miss 10% or more scheduled school days, including excused or unexcused. Truancy is ten unexcused absences.

Excused absences are issued for reasons involving illness, recovery from accident, professional appointments, death in the immediate family, religious holiday or other justifiable cause.

Unexcused absences are issued for school refusal, missed bus, car problems, oversleeping.

Chronic Absenteeism Policy: RPS is required to report chronic absenteeism and truancy to the KISD office of Truancy.

1. Automated attendance messages relate to attendance (phone and email).

2. Student meeting with school principal, staff, counselor.

3. Parent/guardian phone or email contact.

4. Development of an Attendance Improvement Plan.

5. Reporting from school building to the KISD Office of Truancy.

NRMS Schedules

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