FMS Weekly News

October 17th-October 21st

First Quarter to Second Quarter Adjustments

There are four quarters in a football game and four quarters in a basketball game. During each quarter the coaches are making adjustments, but at the end of each quarter the coaches talk to each other and to the players and they discuss what went well and what adjustments need to be made for the next quarter.

Our grading cycle also has four quarters and we should have similar conversations with our school team. Examples of school teams are grade level teams, content teams, planning teams, office teams and administrative team.

So if you haven't done this yet, celebrate what went well with your team and discuss what adjustments need to be made for the 2nd quarter. Some things to consider: What instructional strategies made the most impact on the students learning; how do I reduce the number of students on the ICU list; how do I connect with my most difficult student; how can we reduce discipline referrals; how can I provide better customer service, etc.

Also do not forget to include the key players-the students- in the celebration and to get their feedback on what worked well and did not work well and how it can improve.

I have attached two short articles for you. The first article is about how it takes everyone working together to create learning experiences for students. The second article is on how we can improve the classrooms and the school by what the author calls plussing.

Have a great weekend.

Instructional Rounds-Level of Questioning


I know you gave up your conference time to do the Instructional Rounds but it was evident that you all found it beneficial because the level of questions were at the Analysis and Application in the afternoon classes as compared to the morning classes where a majority of the questions were at Knowledge and Comprehension. Thank you for participating in this mini PD and making changes to instruction.

Brickhouse Culture

As a Brickhouse, we do not teach responsibility, we teach the standards. We do not give extra credit work or grades for non-essentials (bringing supplies, coming to open house, etc.). As well, we do not count off points for late work or for not having their name, or writing in green, etc.

Spotlight Member of the Week-

Dawn Norment

From a staff member: Thank you for impacting the lives of our kids! You developed a relationship with a student her 6th grade year that has continued 2 years later. Your love and support towards our students is evident in your daily interactions. Your compassion has helped to alter this child's future in such a meaningful and positive way.

To nominate a staff member for Spotlight Member of the Week email a Cross the Line Form to Marcia Gonzales.

School Events Upcoming Your Way!

This Week

October 17- Report Card Grades Due/Volleyball vs Mathey 8th (H); 7th (A)

October 18

October 19- Unity Day-Wear Orange

October 20-

October 21- Band at the Symphony

On the Horizon

October 25-Picture Day

October 26-Cookie Dough Pickup after school

October 24-28-Red Ribbon Week

November 2-Staff Meeting @7:20 am

November 3-AVID Walkathon @5:30pm-7:30pm

November 4-8th AVID Field Trip @ Texas State

November 5-Boys Basketball PreSeason

November 7-Staff Development Day/Student Holiday/Progress Report Card Grades Due

November 8-8th grade @ HS for Pathway Day 9am-11am/Safe School Video

November 9-Pep Rally

November 10-Boys Basketball vs McAuliffe/Girls Soccer

November 11-Veterans Day Ceremony @10am-HS Gym

November 14-18-7th Grade Vision and Hearing Screening through 7th Grade Social Studies

November 17-Boys Basketball vs Zamora/Girls Soccer

November 18-6th AVID Field Trip @PAC

November 21-25-Thanksgiving Holiday