Principal's Notes

September 26, 2016

Annual Notifications

Please be sure that your instructional and non-instructional staff members submit signature documents to your office no later than October 14th.

Boys Town Training - Please send staff names to Deb. Training will occur in October.

Safety - Cameras

Please create a list of locations on campus where additional cameras are needed. Provide the list to me once completed.


Please be sure that mentors are assigned to all new teachers. Note that teachers do not have to be tenured in order to serve as mentors.
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Tenure Celebration - 10/12/16 (BOE Meeting). Please plan to attend.

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Lesson Plans & SABEA

I met with Ruth and a SABEA rep regarding the daily lesson plan expectation. We'll discuss lesson plans at the next instructional meeting, but here are some key highlights:

1. The lesson plan form that was disseminated is recommended, but not mandatory.

2. Teachers may continue to submit lesson plans in any format that they choose; plans must be completed daily, for each course taught.

3. Plans should include elements of the EI framework and SDI as applicable.

4. We are aware that many teachers are at an acquisition phase of learning the framework - we do not expect perfection. Rather, we expect for teachers to be thoughtful about their instruction and how they can begin to incorporate the elements of Explicit Instruction, as they become more knowledgeable about it.