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Greetings Sabre Nation!

This month's newsletter contains all the information you need to know about the reopening of our schools in one place. Please take the time with your student to read through the changes that have taken place at Sumner to ensure we end the school year safely. We know there have been a lot of changes to what a typical school year looks like. These are being implemented using the KCKPS Reentry guidelines.

Please watch this video from our District Communications Department regarding District Guidelines.


After reading, if you have more questions and or concerns, please use this form. We will work hard to ensure that we get back to you in a timely manner. Thank you.

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A Note From the Principal

Dear Sumner Academy Students and Families,

April is right around the corner and there is nothing more exciting for me than the spring season. Sports move outdoors the days get longer and the weather begins to warm up. Spring brings me excitement, as we have graduation right around the corner, celebrating the accomplishments of our great seniors each year. This year is no different with the refreshing feeling of spring, but I am even more excited to have students return to the building this week. We have had athletic competitions and practices and students in for testing and resources, but it has been a year since large groups of students have been in the building attending classes and returning to a sense of normal that has been disrupted over the past year. This is a big step for students, families, and staff. I know there are anxieties from everyone around student return, but I am certain the Sumner staff is committed and prepared for student return. The final nine weeks will be a major shift for how students learn and how staff facilitate that learning. Students who return to the building will see a blended approach in the classroom to accommodate their classmates that are remaining virtual. Students who have elected to stay virtual will notice a change in the way they participate and stay engaged in during class. Parents and families, we will rely heavily on you for your continued support at home. Our building will take all the necessary mitigation measures to ensure the safety of all of our students and staff. I want to continue to encourage students and families with concerns, anxieties, or questions to reach out. But I speak for the entire staff in saying we are excited for students to return to the building on Wednesday, March 31st. Please look for more detail information around student return in this month’s newsletter!


Mr. Rick Malone


Sumner Academy


Odd/Even Schedule

Below is the Odd and Even Schedule for the remainder of the year.
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Below is the Bell Schedule for the remainder of the year.
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Below is the lunch schedule for the remainder of the year. Students will go to lunch based on their their teacher during the lunch period.
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If your student rides the bus, there have been no changes from last year and they will still have the same pick up and drop off. If you have questions about transportation please use the following processes.

  • Look in Infinite Campus under the Transportation tab.
  • Call Transportation at 627-3100
  • Call the school at 627-7200.

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Student Entry into the Building

Students will enter through the main entrance or the auditorium entrance where they will walk through the metal detectors.

  • Every student will use hand sanitizer upon entry.
  • Students will grab breakfast and report directly to their first class

    • 7:15AM - 7:30AM - Students will report directly to the cafeteria then be released to class at 7:30AM.

    • No lockers will be utilized and no congregating in the hallway before, during, or after school.


Parking is limited to street parking and church parking lots across from Sumner. Drivers who abuse traffic laws may lose their privileges. Sumner Academy is not responsible for damages, vandalized or stolen vehicles parked on or off campus. Students are not to park in staff or visitor parking on campus.


Masks must be worn at all times unless actively eating and drinking or are medically exempt with documentation. Refusal to wear masks properly can result in a Class III violation in the Code of Conduct and can result in a possible suspension or dismissal hearing.

Unsafe Conditions: Intentionally creating unsafe conditions, including not wearing face or mask coverings and/or not maintaining social distancing that put the health and safety of students, staff, and other community members at risk, while on school property, during school functions, or at school sponsored activities(Approved by the BOE on February 9th, 2021).

Masks cannot promotes controlled substances, violence, weapons, or sexual activity; displays offensive, obscene, vulgar, profane or ethnically derogatory messages; or depict gang affiliation.

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Passing Periods

Passing Periods will remain five minutes in length.
  • Students will use the directional arrows in the hallways and in stairways as students report to their next class.

  • The south side stairs are down only and the north side stairs are up only except after school.

  • There is no congregation of students in the hallways. This is to help keep an efficient and safe flow of traffic.

  • First floor Senior Hallway and Middle Hallway will be one direction only.

  • There will be NO lockers used this year to keep the flow of traffic smooth.


Students will exit the building based on location of their last class that day
  • New Wing (A109-A118) classrooms will exit out new wing doors to exit the building near Oakland street.
  • 3rd Floor classrooms will exit out main door entrance using the south side stairs
  • 2nd Floor classrooms will exit out new gym entrance using the north side stairs
  • 1st Floor classrooms will exit out the main door entrance
  • Remote Learning Units (C101-C104 and B100-B400) classrooms will exit out new gym entrance

We will follow a staggered dismissal to limit the number of students exiting the building at one time.
  • Those students who ride the bus will be dismissed at 3:05.
  • Students who drive or are being picked up will be released from classes at 3:10. Students staying after school for athletics or other commitments will be released at 3:10 as well.
  • There is NO 4:00 bus this year.


We are excited to implement our new electronic hall pass system. We will no longer be using paper passes but will use an online system that will help us monitor across the building how any students are out of a classroom, what locations are available for students and what locations are at capacity. Students will be learning this new system in their classes.
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Please adhere to the following dress code guidelines. Failure to adhere could result in a student being asked to immediately change into clothing that meets the guidelines (provided either by the student or the school) and as a result, a loss of instructional time may occur. Repeated infractions could lead to further disciplinary actions at the discretion of administration.

Students may not wear any clothing that:

  • Are strapless or reveals cleavage and/or undergarments

  • Promotes controlled substances, violence, weapons, or sexual activity; displays offensive, obscene, vulgar, profane or ethnically derogatory messages; depicts gang affiliation.

  • Rests above the waistline (ie, crop tops)

Other guidelines:

  • “Spaghetti-strap” tank tops may not be worn. Standard tank tops are acceptable.

  • Sagging pants are not allowed. Sagging is defined as wearing one's pants or shorts below the waist to expose one's underwear or midriff.

  • Pants with holes or stressed/worn patches must not reveal bare skin if more than one-dollar bill length above the kneecap. Leggings, tights, or shorts must be visible.

  • Hats and hoodies are allowed, however a student’s face must be visible at all times.

  • Leggings may be worn as long as the legging material is not sheer.

  • Skirts, dresses, and shorts must not be shorter than one-dollar bill length above the top of the kneecap.

    1. -The 'dollar bill ' policy also applies to slits on skirts and/or dresses.


Students are required to be at school and in class on time. This includes in person and virtual students. Students arriving after 8:30 a.m. are classified as having an unexcused absence for that period. Excessive tardiness is not tolerated, nor are chronically tardy students permitted to disrupt classes entering late. Consequences for student tardies are as follows:

1st Tardy - Warning from Office Staff
2nd Tardy - Warning from Administration

3rd Tardy - Parent Contact (Attendance Secretary)
4th Tardy - Office Detention
5th Tardy - Office Detention/Parent Contact (Admin)

6th Tardy - Wednesday Extended School/Mandatory Parent Contact

7th Tardy - Discipline Referral - ISS until Parent Conference


  • In person and remote learners are expected to be in class daily and on time.
  • In person learners cannot log into zoom from home and be counted as present. The learner must be in person to be counted as present.
  • Tardies will be recorded and documented on the attendance report. 7 tardies = 1 unexcused absence. This is applicable to in person and remote learners.

  • For students who are absent and/or tardy to class, automated messages will be sent to Parents.

  • Any technical difficulties will be excused if communicated with the school within 24 hours, Meaningful Contact (MC) code will not be used for any remote absences.

  • COVID-positive absences will need to be reported to school and documentation will need to be provided. Remote classes will be provided upon parent/guardian request with the building principal.

  • Exposure to COVID cases that require isolation will need to communicate with the school to make arrangements. Remote classes will be provided upon parent/guardian request with the building principal.

  • Attendance requirements for sports will be in effect for both remote and in person students.

Consistent and prompt attendance is required. A parent/guardian must call the school to report an absence before 9:00 a.m. Calls to the office may be made the night before and a message left. Excused and unexcused absences are detailed in the code of conduct. Excessive absences will be referred to the District Attorney's office for further review and disciplinary measures as specified by the Kansas Statute K.S.A. 72-113, outlined below:

  • 3 consecutive unexcused absences
  • 5 unexcused absences in a school semester
  • 7 unexcused absences in a school year (Mandatory Parent Meeting)
  • 10 or more excused absences without validation

CAFETERIA (Lunch Times)

The cafeteria serves breakfast and lunch to students every day. Please look above for the lunch schedule. In order to ensure that student meals are paid for please adhere to the following policies:

  • This year, breakfast and lunch are free for all students.
  • Students MUST pick up after themselves when finished eating-- Maintaining order and cleanliness is the responsibility of all students
  • Positive behavior at breakfast and lunch is expected at all times; students exhibiting improper behavior may lose cafeteria/break privileges.
  • Lunch periods are 25 minutes long and it is each student’s responsibility to return to class on time
  • All students must report to the cafeteria at the time assigned to their class for lunch. Students will stay in the cafeteria for the entirety of the lunch period and will not be allowed to leave before.
  • Students will sit by class in the cafeteria in order to maintain consistency regarding interactions with other students while in school.
  • No outside food may be delivered to the school through “Grub Hub”, “Uber Eats” or any other delivery service.
  • Students may bring their lunch but NO microwaves will be provided.
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Students will have to plan accordingly as there are not lockers this year. Each day, students will need to bring with them the following items.

  • Fully Charged Computer
  • Earbuds or Headphones
  • Classroom material for that Day
  • Mask
  • Water Bottle


No water fountains are available. Students/staff are encouraged to bring their own bottles for water. Water bottle fill stations are still available for use.

Our custodial department will sanitize the entire building every night, while maintaining cleanliness of common areas during the day.

All staff and students are encouraged to frequently wash their hands and use the provided hand sanitizing stations provided.


Sumner Academy is committed to providing supports to all of our students. One of those supports is tutoring. Linked below is the schedule for tutoring in various subjects. As we come to the close of a year, please utilize this resource!

Tutoring Schedule


If you've received a message that your child is missing an immunization, please follow up Nurse Carter as soon as possible to ensure the student and records are up to date.

• If your child has any health needs including medication, please contact Nurse Carter before the first day of school to discuss in detail and obtain the appropriate forms.

• Daily temperature checks are to be performed at home every morning before school. If the temperature is 99.0 degrees or higher, your child must stay home.

• Other symptoms that would keep your child home include nausea, vomiting, headache, body aches, sore throat, cough, congestion, difficulty breathing, loss of taste or smell.

• If you child has a fever or other Covid symptoms at school, they will be placed in an isolation room and need to be picked up within 45 minutes.

• Cloth or surgical masks are to be worn at all times (no gator face coverings). Medical documentation is required for any mask exceptions.

• Should your child encounter the need to be in quarantine or isolation, Nurse Carter will follow up with you throughout the process to provide support and ensure a healthy and easy transition back to school.

For more information on the KCKPS Reopening of Schools Plan including questions & answers around Covid, click on the following link:

For information from the Wyandotte County Covid Hub regarding testing, vaccinations and more, click on this link:


The Behavioral Health Social Work team is committed to supporting the social and emotional wellbeing of Sumner students. Any student in person or online has access to social workers in addition to their counselor.

How to access a social worker:
  • In-person students will find Chelsea Farmer or Baillie Woydziak on the second floor in rooms 207 and 209. During class, students will use E-Hallpass to request a pass.
  • Students may need to wait in class until a social worker is available. If a student has a more urgent need, their teacher may call the social worker directly or connect the student to their counselor.
  • Online students can access a social worker by emailing them directly, or by asking their teacher to connect them. In-person and online students have equal access to support.
  • Parents may contact a social worker directly by phone or email to discuss the needs of their student.

What do social workers do?

  • Meet with students who are feeling intense emotions to help them find tools to cope
  • Provide staff with information on behavioral health signs and symptoms
  • Meet with staff to problem solve behavioral challenges and offer intervention techniques to teachers
  • Complete brief assessments to determine best treatment options for students experiencing behaviors or symptoms impacting a student’s learning
  • Meet with families to provide support and resources to meet their behavioral health needs
  • Connect students and families to helpful resources in the community
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Check out the latest edition of the Sumner FOCUS newsletter CLICK HERE


1. There are still many scholarship opportunities for seniors to apply for this year. Please check out the scholarship page of the Sumner FOCUS newsletter here

2. It is not too late for seniors to apply for financial aid. Please book an appointment with Ms. Ramirez to get your FAFSA completed. Use her appointment booking calendar by clicking HERE

3. Seniors who do not have a plan for college or university next year, it’s not too late. Contact Ms. Ramirez for help completing university applications

4. Ms. Ramirez will be sending a Senior Survey that needs to be completed by next Friday 04/02/2021. Seniors should check their emails and get that completed.


1. RISING SENIOR WORKSHOPS ARE COMING! Students and parents will be invited to participate in activities to prepare for getting into college starting in mid-April. Make sure you read the Sumner FOCUS newsletter and pay attention to emails so you don’t miss out.

2. SCHOLARSHIP INITIATIVE – Each year our seniors participate in the district-wide scholarship initiative and which allows them to be considered for scholarships to multiple colleges and universities prior to applying. In order to participate, each student needs to have permission for the SSC to release your transcript. CLICK HERE to sigh the transcript release permission form before April 15, 2021

3. Virtual College Visits are coming up. Pay attention to the Sumner FOCUS newsletter for more information on upcoming visits.


1. Please confirm that you have completed everything you need to complete in order to take concurrent credit classes through KCKCC next year. If you need help with this, please contact Mr. Taylor at

2. We are proud to host a session with US CONGRESSWOMAN SHARICE DAVIDS to introduce students to how they can get one the best university educations available FOR FREE through one of the US MILITARY ACADEMIES. The presentation will be held on Wednesday, April 21 at 11:00 am. Watch the Sumner FOCUS newsletter to register for the event. Parents will be invited to join the event through Zoom.


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Cap and gown as well as announcement pick up has been moved to April 6th to align with Senior portraits. These will be given to students during lunch from 11:20-1:30. Jostens will be located by the New Gym area.

  • Students who are in person will be able to pick up their regalia during their lunch period.
  • Students who are remote can enter through the new gym area where we will be able to retrieve your regalia for you.


Senior Portraits will be April 7th and April 14th. This is a change from some communication that has been sent out. These will be cap and gown pictures. If you did not order a cap and gown you may take your picture in your regular clothes. We have moved the cap and gown pick up date up to align with yearbook pictures. Please sign up for your time slot using the link below.
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Greetings Seniors,

We have reserved our space for your Senior Gala (Prom) for May 15th at 6:30 p.m. This is for Seniors only plus one guest. This is going to be held at the 28 Space Event Center. You must RSVP by April 1st to attend.

There may be some restrictions in place that keep this from being a traditional Prom due to Covid-19. Please continue to check your email for the RSVP or contact Ms. Elizabeth Langa for more details.

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Grad Night has taken an innovative approach this year for our Seniors due to Covid-19. To celebrate the memories and friendships made, PTSA hosting a Grad Picnic this year with games, DJ, food trucks and give aways. This will be held on Friday, May 28th!

PTSA is asking for any donations to help ensure that this event is a success for our Senior class. See below for information.

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Sumner Academy of Arts and Science Graduation Ceremony will be held on May 26th at 7:00 p.m. at F.L. Schlagle Football Stadium. Due to capacity restriction, students will receive 4 tickets a piece this year. Family and friends not able to attend will be able to watch the ceremony through our live streaming service. For any questions, please contact Mr. Brian Dolezal at


The Kansas Assessment testing will be the week of April 26th. This is for 8th, 10th, and 11th graders. All testing, for all students, will be done in-person. More details are forthcoming.


Red Tail Academy

This is a great opportunity for students who are interested in Aviation. Red Tail Academy, Inc officially launched June 2020 as a 501(c)(3) in Kansas City with the mission to create opportunities to expose, educate and mentor underrepresented youth (ages 12-18) in the aviation field. Red Tail Academy was founded by local pilots and aviation enthusiasts who are passionate about helping youth overcome the many barriers into the world of aviation.

Red Tail Academy, Inc, is inspired from the Tuskegee Airmen

See the story about our very own Chris Gray and his journey!

News story

Learn more about the Red Tail Academy

Contact Red Tail Academy

Boys Grow

Each summer, 30 youth ages 14 -16 commit to a 2 year position working on the BoysGrow farm. As is often the first payed job for the boys, they learn to work together and develop core vocational skills that are applicable in the market like culinary arts, construction, farming, marketing, and public speaking. Through farming and agriculture the boys gain pride, identity, discipline, and an understanding of the business world.

  • The youth commit to work for the program for 2 years.
  • They work 3 days a week during the summer and twice a month during the school year.
  • This is not a residential program the youth live at home and only work on the farm.
  • The youth get paid for their time on the farm.
  • We bus the boys in from Downtown to the farm in South KCMO, just 25 minutes from Downtown.
  • We recruit youth from local charter or public schools, community centers or word of mouth.
  • The youth apply for the program through an application process
For more information, visit the website.

Boys Grow