Design Thinking and Social Innovation Workshop

Friday, May 16th, 6:15-8:15pm

Hiroshima Culture Center (Hondori)

日時: 2014年 5月16日金曜日 18:15〜20:15

会場: 広島カルチャーセンター、本通り

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Want to learn how you can make a change?

If you are interested in social innovation, developing leadership skills, and learning how to design creative solutions for a better world, don't miss your chance to participate in this program, brought to you by the Via Stanford XSEL Program!

The Designing Thinking and Social Innovation Workshop is a 2 hour experience offered for university students and young professionals in Japan who want to make a positive difference in the world. Learn the potential of the design thinking process to spur innovation through lessons from VIA’s Exchange for Social Entrepreneurs & Leaders program and the Stanford d.school.

For more information on the workshops outside of Hiroshima, you can check out the main flyer here.

ソーシャルイノベーション(社会変革)、発展的リーダーシップ能力、クリエイティブに社会問題の解決策をデザインすることに興味をお持ちですか。Via ソーシャル アントレプレナー&リーダー交換プログラム (XSEL) と スタンフォード d.school は、これらに関心のある若者を対象に、近年アメリカのカリフォルニア州のスタンフォード大学で開講されているプログラムです。今回は広島でも開催が決定しました!この機会をぜひお見逃しなく。



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Please note:

  • the workshop will start at 6:15pm; please plan to arrive by 6pm
  • the workshop fee is ¥1000 for students (discounted) / ¥2500 for young professionals
  • most of the workshop will be conducted in English!
  • you can join us on Facebook here!
  • you will receive final confirmation and event details by May 12th


Yi Zhang- Stanford Social Innovation Program Director

Yi Zhang is passionate about facilitating learning experiences that cultivate creative changemakers. Through her work as the Program Director for VIA's social innovation exchange programs at Stanford, she has seen the potential for design-thinking to spark creative and effective solutions for social issues as well as personal challenges. In addition to design-thinking obsessively to make her own life more inspired and impactful, she has been working with instructors at the Stanford d.school, the Extreme by Design film project, New Sector Alliance, Fight for Light as well as universities in Asia to share the potential for human-centered design through workshops in the US, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Courtney Lawrence- HJU Global Studies Lecturer

Courtney Lawrence is a full time lecturer based at Hiroshima Jogakuin University and director of the ‘Global Studies, Peace and Leadership Summer Seminar’ including fieldwork with students to India, Thailand, Cambodia, Japan and the Philippines. Her academic research area focuses on sustainable economic development, social enterprise and design thinking. She holds a Master’s in Sustainable Economic Development and Responsible Management from the United Nations Graduate School of Peace and Conflict Studies. Other experiences include co-founding a US based social enterprise in 2011, work with Ashoka, immersion at the Stanford d.school and facilitating various trainings across Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, North and South America.

Arisa Fukuzaki - Student Assistant

Arisa Fukuzaki is a junior at Hiroshima Jogakuin University, majoring in Global Studies in English. She is an alumna of the 'Global Studies, Peace and Leadership Summer Seminar' (including fieldwork to Thailand) and the 'Peace and Leadership Spring Seminar 2014'. She has had the experience of studying abroad in Wesleyan College, Georgia in the U.S. for one semester. She currently runs her own blog regarding issues as a global citizen and is working on research for her future project with hopes to solve the problem of food wastage.

Charleen Tan - Student Assistant

Hailing from Malaysia, Charleen Tan is pursuing a major in Global Studies in English, and this will be her third year in Hiroshima Jogakuin University. She is passionate about solving world issues and social entrepreneurship, and is looking to delve further into the latter by working on her own projects regarding empowering young writers in Malaysia and introducing social entrepreneurship to communities. She is an alumna of Via Programs' XSEL (Exchange for Social Entrepreneurs and Leaders) program in Stanford, as well as the 'Global Studies, Peace and Leadership Summer Seminar' (including fieldwork to India).
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