How to get better at soccer?

How good can you be?

Cristiano Ronaldo - Ultimate 'Career Highlight' Montage
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What foods help you stay healthy in soccer

To help you stay healthy in a fast paced sport like soccer you need protein and lots of vitamins. Some examples are milk and yogurt, broccoli, tomatoes, chicken and turkey, spinach and peppers. Water also contributes so you can stay hydrated and can have energy while you play.

Who is the fastest player in soccer?

Antonio Valencia (Manchester United)35.2 km/h

Things about me

Javier Castaneda likes to play soccer and lacrosse his favorite soccer player is Manuel Neuer and he also like to play as goalkeeper and his favorite lacrosse player is Paul Rabil. He also likes to eat a lot of chicken, BBQ ribs, carrots, apples, chips, and candy. He likes to play video games, ride bike, and play with his friends.

What parts of the leg help you kick a soccer ball harder