Windows Magnifier

Make Your Items On Your Computer Appear Bigger!

The Magnifier!

The magnifier is perfect for making texts larger and easier to read. You can also adjust the screen resolution, which adjusts the clarity, size, and amount of items that fit on your computer screen.

The Magnifier and the Classroom

The magnifier is a perfect assistive technology tool to use in special education and regular education classrooms. For instance, students with vision problems can use the magnifier during online assessments and internet researching. It also helps students who benefit from chunking information into smaller sections, because the device can allow the user to customize the amount of items that fit on the computer monitor.

Students with visual impairments may also use this magnifier to view websites, their classmate's papers, peer edit work, or read online books. This assistive technology can help them be successful learners, especially in a regular education setting.

Let's Get Started!

Directions to Begin Using the Magnifier:

  1. Click the "Start button" .

  2. Click on "All Programs."

  3. Click "Accessories".

  4. Click "Ease of Access".

  5. Click "Magnifier".

  6. On the Views menu, click the mode that best suits your needs.

  7. Move your mouse pointer to magnify your screen!

Click to visit the Windows website!

This site can help further explain how to access this device on your computer, laptop, or tablet.

There are three options when using the magnifier:

  • Full-screen mode: In full-screen mode, the entire screen is magnified.

  • Lens mode: In lens mode, only the area around the mouse pointer is magnified.

  • Docked mode: In docked mode, only a smaller area of the screen is magnified, while the rest the screen is unchanged.

Watch This Tutorial Video to Help You Access This Device!

Microsoft Magnifier in Windows 7

Created By: Laura Marsh

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