Mrs. Baker's Class Newsletter

What is going on?

Math: To begin the week students will demonstrate their knowledge of the previously taught skills in an assessment. Midweek on, students will create two-dimensional shapes based on given attributes, including number of sides and vertices. Students will continue to solve word problems using new strategies.

Reading: We will continue to explore the genre of poetry. We will describe how rhyme, rhythm, and repetition interact to create images in poetry as well as how poets use sensory language to communicate meaning. Our last week of poetry study we will be looking at the topic of a poem and answering comprehension questions on a variety of poems.

Writing: Students will continue to learn about idioms and that some words and phrases have literal and nonliteral meaning. We will learn about acrostic poems and practice writing our own. For the remainder of the week, students will get to practice writing their favorite type of poems from the following list: repetition poems, rhyming poems, shape or concrete poems, sensory poems and acrostic.

Science: Next week we are studying meteorology and weather conditions. Chickage Windler is coming on Wed. Look for Sommer on the news!

Sight Words: We are learning the following words this week: better, dress, goes, light, mother, own, small, walk.

Please continue to work with your child to read, write, and spell these words with consistency.

A Note from Mrs. Varljen:

Valentine's Day Parties: Valentine's Day Parties will be held on Friday, February 12. This year, our parties will look a little different as we celebrate the true meaning of Valentine's Day, which at the elementary school centers around building friendships within the classroom and school community. In order to do this, we are limiting the number of volunteers/visitors to the classroom and asking parents not to attend on this day. This will give our students and teachers the opportunity to celebrate the day with their class by simply exchanging cards and having the time to socialize with each other. Each grade level will have a different plan for their parties as teachers take the lead in the party planning. Grade level leaders will be working closely with the lead homeroom parents to coordinate the number of volunteers needed for their specific activities as the younger grade levels may require several parent volunteers while older grades may handle the parties on their own. We truly appreciate your support as we keep our Valentine's parties small allowing our students and teachers time to enjoy each other.

A Note from the PTA:

The PTA Community Service program is promoting a project in support of Mix 94.7's Valentines Day Cards for Kids. These Valentine's Day Cards will put lots of smiles on faces at Dell Children's Medical Center, Safe Place, Austin's Children's Shelter, Center for Child Protection and Ronald McDonald House Charities of Austin and Central Texas.

We are asking Patsy Sommer students to bring in either a homemade or a store bought card wishing a child a Happy Valentine's Day. The cards can be addressed to "A Special Valentine" or "Someone Special". We are asking for all cards to be turned in to your classroom by Friday, February 5th. Please do not include any candy. Thank you for your help!!!

Natalie Paprocki

PTA Community Service Chair


Jan. 29 Friday Assembly: K-2 and book orders due- GRGW9 is the code-
Jan. 30 12:00-2:00 District Summer Enrichment Fair at Deerpark Middle School

Feb. 3 Early Release
Feb. 12 BlueBonnet Breakfast
Feb. 1-Feb. 5 Counselor Appreciation Week

Feb. 22nd Six Flags Reading Logs Due (whole class goal)

Thank you very much for the salt donation! I appreciate your help!

International Coins Collection: We have a jar of coins from around the world that we like to look at once in awhile. If you have coins you can donate to our jar. I would greatly appreciate it! The kids are fascinated by our coins around the world.

Please turn in the Savings Pass Fundraiser card- I need to collect the unsold cards.

Six Flags Reading Logs- Due Feb. 22nd

These kids are going to Six Flags! They have their logs turned in: Woot Woot! Way to rock it!








Riley's Dad came and talked to us about maps and showed us his drone!