Flight Technology

By: Lea Harder

Session 1

We identified the forces of flight,lift,weight,thrust,and drag. We identified the effects of a stall on an airfoil. we explained the factors that affect lift of an airfoil. And we identified the forces acting on an airplane during flight.

Session 2

Examined the factors that change the value of lift using the FoilSim software. Constructed a wing.


Completed your wing Set wing to dry test wing
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Session 4

We tested the amount of lift produced by the wind flowing over your wing.

Session 5

Explore the basic controls on a Cessna we flew the Cessna using the flight simulator software
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Session 6


Session 7

Post test

Aircraft and Avionics Equipment and Technitians

What they do: Repair wings, brakes,and electrical systems. They also keep records of maintenance and repair work.Work Environment: hangers,repair stations, and airfields. How to Become One: You have to be certified by the FAA, 18 yrs old, and have 30 months of experience.Pay: $26.55 per hour and $55,230 per year.Job Outlook:little or no change from 2012-2022. Similar Occupations: Automotive body and glass repair and Automotive service techs, and Mechanics.

Contacts for more info

Federal Aviation Administration.
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