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Are you tired of not having medical insurance or can’t afford medical insurance? In Canada and other countries you can get free medical care with no charge. The purpose for this film was to inform people about how every country works with their medical care insurance. It is to shows others about how this country is not treating people well. It is informing others to go too other countries because other countries don’t charge it is all free or affordable for everyone.

Define the purpose

It should have a lot of impact on a lot of people because it shows people how the United States really works with their health care. I have a new perspective towards this and how they are still doing this to people and how bad they are treating others. It is also showing how the American people who own these insurance companies just want people’s money they don’t care about the people’s health care.


Overall this documentary is just to show people how the reality of how this health care treats its people in the United States. You go to Canada or any other country its all free because they care about its people and when you come to the united states it is harder or sometimes you cant even win you situation with these insurance companies either because you cant afford it or your insurance doesn’t cover for it.