Thursday, October 8, 2015



The school has purchased these student T-shirts for our annual Field Day and Field Trips. The t-shirts will remain in the school inventory and have been signed OUT to the classroom teacher.

(PPCD – 15 Count, Head Start – 20 Count, PK – 27 Count, K-25 Count,

1st grade – 25 Count)

Teachers will be responsible for returning to secretary all T-shirts in the Zip Lock bag at the end of the year. Students should not wear these shirts home nor may they be used for extra clothing in case of an accident.

An end of the year announcement will be made as to when t-shirts will need to be signed in, clean and ready for our next event.


Our Kindgarten students are TPRI testing this week and next week. Let's help them do their very best and keep hallway noise to a minimum.

Lifetouch Fall Pictures

I will be emailing the fall picture schedule early next week. Lifetouch will have 3 cameras on campus on Friday, October 16 in the following rooms:

Room 315 (PK pics)

Room 200 (K pics)

Room 110 (1st grade pics)


Monday, October 26 – To Cool For Drugs! Wear Sunglasses

Tuesday, October 27 – Drugs Steal Your Dreams! Wear Pajamas

Wednesday, October 28 – Put A Lid On Drugs! Wear A Hat

Thursday, October 29 – Be In The Drug Free Army! Wear Camouflage

Friday, October 30 – Be on the Winning Team…Drug Free! Wear Team Jersey

Ms. Black will tie in the second pillar of Character Counts (Respect) into Red Ribbon week activities and she will also speak to students about “respecting our bodies” during morning announcements during red ribbon week.



Murphy, Bebe 10/2

Estrada, Leslie 10/7

Clark, Meggan 10/14

Castro, Sabrina 10/17

Polk, Ashley 10/22


October 12-16

Pick up/Load Cars: Dudo, Clark, Polk, Cutrer, Chavez

1st Computer Lab: McGilvray, Tellechea

K Computer Lab: Frazier, Long

PK Computer Lab: Cochran, Quintanilla

Bus Duty: Torres, Delagarza, Presley, Grogan


October 8 - Report Cards to go home; Pumpkin Patch - Hatter, J.Warren; TPRI testing - Cooper, Hicks

October 9 - TPRI testing - Rodriguez, Mach, Howard; Pumpkin Patch - Zackery, Watson

October 12 - Bosses Day; Pumpkin Patch - Escobedo, Almonte, Castro

October 13 - Pumpkin Patch - Galaway, Hendrick, Parrott, Jones; TPRI testing - Rodriguez, Watson, Aguilar, Navarro; Hispanic Heritage @ City Park

October 14 - TPRI testing - Collins, Zackery, Thomas

October 15 - Pumpkin Patch - Wimberly, C.Warren, Collins, Cooper, Winters, Wilson

October 16 - Lifetouch Fall Pictures (3 cameras); Pumpkin Patch - Mach, Aguilar, Nichols; KHS Pink Out Game

October 19 - Ecoland - Hatter, J.Warren

October 20 - Fire Program (1st, PK - 9am; HS, K - 9:30ish)

October 22 - Mobile Dentist

October 23 - Mobile Dentist

October 25-30 - Red Ribbon Week

October 28 - Fall Fest - PK, HS (Gym); 1st Grade Field Trip @ KC

October 29 - Fall Fest - K, 1st (Gym)