Hawaiian Honeycreeper

Life From 'Akohekohe's Perspective

I spend most of my time hopping around in my favorite tree. Sometimes pink puffs explode across the tree, I love to feast on the sweet nectar inside of them. Sometimes other birds will come and try to steal my nectar, so I attack them viciously. They can find their own Nectar. I love the times that the puffs bloom, but when they change into the weirdly shaped fruits and disappear, I’m forced to fly away and eat bugs, and some fruit.
My parents told me that the little dog like creatures that scream like humans weren’t always here. Apparently this place was much easier to live in before they came here. I see them destroying the plants that make my favorite food sometimes, and they destroy young trees that can become great homes for other birds like me. There aren’t many of us left. Sometimes I will call out and I won’t even get a response from my friends. Many of us starve now, since the screaming creatures destroy our food.
I love it when I see someone else that looks like me. Sometimes I'll even let them eat some of my pink puff nectar! I don't really see them often. A human walked by once and pointed at me, they said there were only 3,700 of my kind left. That seems like a lot, but I have seen more screaming dogs things than that. I heard that we used to live all over the place, even on another island called Molokai, but now we only live on a little part of the big mountain that used to explode.
Some of my kind fly to the lower part of the mountain to find better pink puffs, but there are more flying bloodsuckers there. I don't like them, that is why I don't go down there, but many of my friends got bitten and became sick with Malaria and died. More of my kind die all the time from this sickness. We weren't always afraid of the flying bloodsuckers, because they didn't get here until after the humans came.
I have heard legends about my family. All Honey creepers came from one bird called the Rose Finch, and this means that even my arch enemy is technically my cousin. There are lots of different honey creepers, and I'm related to all of them. I heard that there were a lot more different kinds, but most of them died because of the things that the humans brought to our islands. I wonder if we are next, or if the humans will save us before it's too late.