Oliver for president

Why you ask? Because 'merica

Why vote for me ?

I think i'm a good leader. i see a lot of potentials in the industry of America. I also have some laws i want to change but we'll talk about that later.
Team America - FUCK YEAH lyrics

My vice-president

My vice-president for this year will be tjeerd van der berg (cuz it can). i think he has lots of experience and wisedom. his ideals are the same as mine. And we work great together

my plans for america.

1. Create more freedom.

2. Prepare for an alien invasion.

3. Bomb IS.

4. Get rid off freedom.

5. Be a dictator.

6. Rule the world

Why you ask?

because 'merica

My inspiration.

My favourite president is bush he was a great leader and he was Always sharp and ready to attack the middle east. thanks bush..

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