Industrial Revolution

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Industrial Revolution: The Effect

The Industrial Revolution seems to be a great and sad time. Many of the poor who could be your friends are being sent to things called workhouses. They worked long hours with little pay. Many say that they would rather die. The good news is that new technology is being created and it is making our lives much easier. Though the city is becoming more crowded, people can easily get a job in a factory and get a decent pay. Though we have the diseases and sickness, people say that the city is becoming a better place.
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Child Labor

Child Labor is really getting out of hand. Children are working under dangerous conditions that could harm them badly or even kill them. The government is not aware that kids are just kids. The government is taking the "every man is created the same" quote to far. Children are dying everyday from the harmful conditions in the factory. In my opinion, children should be able to stay home and enjoy their lives as kids.

Some people are extremely concerned for the kids who work in factory's and are trying to do something about while other people sit around and let these kids die.

Inventors of the Industrial Revolution

Many great inventions are coming out of the Industrial Revolution. Henry Ford invented the well used automobile. Thomas Edison created the lightbulb for light and it last longer than the oil lamp. Alexander invented the telephone for comunication from far away. Many of these inventions changed the way we live. For example, When Alexander invented the telephone, people started talking about mabey making it so that we could talk all over the world. That is fastinating news. Henry Ford invented the automobile to be cheaper than the oringinal cars of more of them so everyone got a car. Even the poor are buying cars. Thomas Edison invented the lightbulb which may lead to more inventions in the future.

Assembley Line

The assembley line seems to be helping alot in the mass production of products. Many people are able to buy expensive products because the more expensive products are getting lower prices because of the mass production. Now the poor could buy more things and at least look like a rich person. And it makes the emplyies jobs look alot easier. Instead of one person doing all the steps, each person on the assembley line has only one job to do.
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