Anti-Lotus Campaign

Don't eat the flower! It brainwashes you by the hour!

Side Effects

-Lose your memory.

-Become addicted to Lotus.

-You won't desire for anything but Lotus.

-You will drop your personality.

PSA: don't consume the Lotus or give in to any offer.

By: Kristen and Danny

Interview With Odysseus

As Odysseus said : "those who ate this honeyed plant, the Lotus, never cared to report, nor to return.", then he said: "they longed to stay forever, browsing on the native bloom, forgetful of their homeland."

Odysseus told us that he had to tie the men that consumed the Lotus up to a bench and they wouldn't stop wailing.

Odysseus managed to convince the rest of his men out of eating the Lotus, but is afraid that someone else will fall into the trap.


The Lotus Eaters will do everything that they can to enforce the consumption of the flower. If you come across a Lotus Eater, the best way to save yourself is to turn around and run. These people will stop at nothing to spread their disease, therefore you have to separate yourself from them. Save yourself.


The Lotus flower is a pink flower with many petals. The Lotus drips honey and is said to taste sweet. No matter what it tastes like, you will regret tasting it. The Lotus is found in island forests. It is pictured below.
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