Your WestWood PTC Update

June 2019 ~ A Fond Farewell


FINANCIALLY SPEAKING, the PTC has ended the year in a great position! Thank you for rallying with us through the year and supporting our smaller fundraisers too - hooray!

FLEXIBLE SEATING IS BEING ORDERED! We are excited to announce that the PTC voted to spend any fiscal year earnings on flexible seating for our classrooms! We are able to provide enough funding to cover Step 1 and Step 2 of a 3-step plan created by the WestWood staff. Thank you for supporting the PTC this year in order to make this possible!

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THANK YOU. We can not do it without YOU!

  • If you contributed to conference dinners.......... thank you!
  • If you worked a shift at Family Fun Night.......... thank you!
  • If you bought some tickets through PTC.......... thank you!
  • If you taught an Art Adventure session.......... thank you!
  • If you attended a PTC meeting this year.......... thank you!
  • If you sold (or bought!) butter braids.......... thank you!
  • If you follow WestWood PTC on Facebook.......... thank you!
  • If you participated in our Readathon.......... thank you!
  • If you chaperoned a field trip.......... thank you!
  • If you attended a WestWood night at local restaurants.......... thank you!
  • If you said nice things about the work PTC volunteers are doing.......... thank you!
  • If you thanked a teacher during Teacher Appreciation Week.......... thank you!
  • If you taught a Bravo session.......... thank you!
  • If you attended E-STEM Night.......... thank you!
  • If you donated items or money for our Silent Auction.......... thank you!
  • If you stored all of those Silent Auction items in your home and organized it all.......... thank you!
  • If you read these PTC newsletters.......... thank you!
  • If you saved your box tops.......... thank you!
  • If you trimmed your box tops.......... thank you!
  • If you helped recruit PTC volunteers.......... thank you!

The PTC is not one person. It is not one board. The PTC functions to support WestWood students and staff and takes the assistance of all of our families and staff working together to provide the financial support and volunteer hours to do good work. THANK YOU FOR BEING A PART OF IT.

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PTC VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! Thank you to everyone who has stepped up to fill an opening on our 2019-20 volunteer coordinators list. We still need YOU! Please see here for positions still open so we can be prepared for the new year in fall - so much easier if we can plan ahead and be prepared! Please consider offering your time and joining us to do great work for our school!

We have created a SignUp Genius to help create awareness about the number of open positions, and it includes a description of the timeline and effort involved too. Let us know if you have questions about any of the openings. Surely there is something on the list that you could put YOUR name on and help WestWood!

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It is especially helpful to fill these positions as soon as possible to assist in the transitions and ensure a smooth start next year! Also note that positions that are NOT filled will mean those events/activities may not be able to happen next year. Hopefully we can continue to offer our assistance to the school and our fun activities for the children! CURRENTLY, WE NEED PEOPLE FOR FAMILY FUN NIGHT, BRAVO, ART ADVENTURE, BUTTER BRAID SALES, CONFERENCE DINNERS and more!

Peer pressure welcome - forward to your friends! The more people who get involved, the less work it is for each individual person. Thank you for the donation of your time!!!

PTC Meetings - Join us!

All are welcome! PTC Meetings are usually held the first Tuesday of the month at 6:30 in the WestWood Media Center.


Can't make it? View the meeting minutes on our website!

Curious how we spent our funds this year? SO many ways...

We have supported so many wonderful things at WestWood this year - these are just some examples!

For ALL Students:

  • Planners for 1st-5th!
  • Publications (Scholastic News, Weekly Reader, etc.)
  • E-STEM Night snake presentation
  • Bravo & Art Adventure training and materials for our volunteers
  • Author/illustrator visit by David Geister for I Love to Read month!
  • Family Fun Night entertainment!
  • E-STEM activities on-site for many students, including some raptor presentations!
  • NEW: Flexible seating for 2019-20!

Per Grade Level:

  • Kindergarten visit by MN Zoo Zoomobile
  • 1st Grade trip to Stages Theatre
  • 2nd Grade to Science Museum
  • 3rd Grade trip to Target Field
  • 4th Grade trip to the Bakken Museum
  • 5th Grade trip to BizTown, a Junior Achievement hands-on activity
  • 5th Grade trip to Mia to see Art Adventure LIVE

For Our Marvelous Staff:

  • Student Benefit Dollars at beginning of the year!!!
  • Conference dinners!
  • Teacher Appreciation Week treats!

Everyone can help! Use Amazon Smile, Order Mabel's Labels, & Save your Box Tops and Tyson labels!

Every little bit helps - and adds up! We appreciate your indirect donations to the WestWood PTC by shopping for products with companies that pay us real cash!

Thank you for your support!

Questions about the PTC?

Please feel free to reach out if you have a topic we should cover in this newsletter or if you have any questions about the PTC.

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WestWood PTC

The PTC consists of all parents, teachers, and children of WestWood Elementary.

Our 2018-19 PTC Board

Jessica Olstad, President

Rachel Carlson, Vice President

Nichole Meyer, Secretary

Amy Zwart, Treasurer

Stay informed and be involved!

Thank you for your support!