Lack Of Clean Water

By : Hannah VanOtterloo


Every 20 seconds a child dies from a water related illness. Which means many people in our world don't have access to clean water and we need to find ways to provide clean water.

(, 2012)

The Problem

One in seven people, don't have access to clean water. Many metals, plastics, and garbage find their way into our water, and pollute it. And because of this, many humans and aquatic animals can get viruses and bacteria because of the things that enter our water.

(, 2012)

How Others Have Helped

Organizations such as The Water Project have used many methods for giving clean water to people. The water project has joined with other organizations like the Wishing Well to work together to provide clean and save water.

(wishing well, USA)

3x the people don't have access to clean water than the amount of people living in the United States. Which means about 1 billion people live without safe drinking water. Some of the ways they help is by making new digging wells, weirs (sand dams), and rain catchments.

(, 2012)

Ways We Can Help

Some ways we can save water in our own homes is make sure the sink is completely off when your not using it. Use the shortest cycle when washing clothes or dishes. Other ways we an help is by taking shorter showers. And save rain water to water your plants instead of hose water.

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