The May Newsletter is ALL about the NEW things!!!!

Available Starting Today!!! May 9, 2016

Our brand NEW Indigo boutique fragrance collection sets are on sale now! Whether you're feeling bold and daring, confident and serene, meditative and mysterious, impulsive and energetic, or every mood in between, explore Indigo!!!

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Explore Indigo!

Find the inspiration and history behind the Indigo line with Heidi's very own blog post and our newest Youtube video! She'll take you all the way through the sensory experience from color, to scent notes, even to a playlist she created for you to listen to while you, yourself are experiencing Indigo!
Explore Indigo by Scentsy

What Would YOU Choose?

~Technology or A Trip~

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Our newest summer incentive has been announced and I want to help you earn it too!!

I would LOVE to have 3 people not already on my team to earn some free gadgets or a trip to a tropical location in January!!! Are you in?

Join Team All-American SCENTsations from now until July 31 to be able to earn your very own incentive trip or technology!

Power-Up your business 2016 gives 3 levels in which you can earn! "Shoot for the moon and even if you miss you'll land upon the stars," sound familiar?

That's right, you have the chance to earn everything you see in the picture or choose a trip to a tropical location for leadership in January 2017 (Location being announced soon)

don't worry though because even if you fall a little short you still can earn some amazing technology to help you in your business!!

If you've ever considered joining us, now is the time because I can promise you 1 year from today, you'll have wished you started sooner!

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Three Different Goals and Prizes

You Don't have to join to help!!!

I have my loyal customers that help me reach every goal I have ever achieved!! Without customers like YOU, my business wouldn't be where it is today! Josh and I have gotten to see some very beautiful locations because of all the help we receive from hosts and their friends during incentive period time!! We are always looking for new hostesses so if you think earning some FREE Scentsy sounds pretty good right about now! Please let me know or choose a date below and email me back!! The dates with flowers are my special open dates! You get an extra gift on top of your host rewards just for hosting a party for us! The open dates are all available for Facebook parties and or my basket parties on the go! If you don't have time to have people over or don't feel like cleaning these are the dates for you! A special gift will also be given to all of those who book during the incentive period! The only dates not bookable are the ones with the RED dots! Please let me know if any of these work for you!
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You Dont' Have To Host To Help!!!

Like I stated above! We have some of the BEST customers a business could ask for!! Because of all of your help and wanting to see us succeed, we do and I thank you for that! We always have a personal special going on so please contact us from one of the many ways below, we'd love to help you! Or you can always check out the website for our monthly specials also!
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Join Us Today!

When you join our team, you're not just joining a company, You're joining a family! With world class training and fun incentives you can't go wrong choosing the Scentsy Family to become a part of! I look forward to helping you achieve your goals!

Kimmie & Josh Hinerman- Independent Scentsy Directors

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<3 Kimmie & Josh Hinerman