best organic meet in the world

hunting season is here!!!!

Usually you would want to go a hour early to your spot. Then you get in your spot and wait, wait and wait then when you see something that’s when the fun stuff happens!

If you have a dehydrator you could put it in there for 8 hours and you and you take it out and it taste like beef jerky.

weapons you need

For a deer you need a 243 rifle because if you used a shotgun it would mess up the animal meat. If you go turkey hunting you would need a shotgun because it’s such a small target you need the bb’s to go everywhere.

walking target!!!

If you go deer hunting you need to shoot then in there heart to kill it almost right away. If you go turkey hunting you will need to shoot the turkey in

its gobbler. When you shoot a animal you should have a tag to put on the animals foot it shows that you weren’t illegally pouching.