3K News!


1/12 Winter Concert. 7:00 PM, HMHS

1/18 School Closed Dr. Martin Luther King Day

1/24 Tatem Skate Night 5:30 pm

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Winter Break. Thank you so much for the very generous holiday gifts! I wish everyone a very happy and healthy New Year!

Becoming Speech Writers!

3K speech writers jumped into our Opinion Writing unit this week. 3K started the unit by creating a strong thesis statement and finding reasons to back up their thesis. We invited our writing guest, Mrs. Schultz, to persuade her of our thesis statement: that we should have an extra 10 minutes of recess this Friday.

Students developed speeches to persuade Mrs. Schultz. Students came up with great reasons to defend their thesis, such as that they work hard every day in Math, Writing, and Reading, they only have Health on Friday so they won't have an opportunity to get enough exercise, they had an indoor recess on Tuesday so they weren't able to get their exercise on Tuesday, and they will be extra focused for Friday afternoon activities. Mrs. Schultz was very impressed with their persuasive speeches and gave the students' feedback on their strong reasons and examples. Her final answer was Yes! She was convinced to allow 3K's speech writers to have 10 extra minutes of recess.

Place Value

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This week, Mathematicians of the Future worked to master their place value skills. Students practiced finding which digits were in certain place values and students practiced writing and saying long numbers. Mathematicians also used their place value skills to review rounding, finding ball park estimates, and subtracting. We even learned a place value song, that I'm sure students would love to share!


What is perspective? This week 3K participated in various activities to learn more about perspective and how it connects to reading. Students learned that perspective is how someone sees a situation. We discussed how this connects to the phrase "Put yourself in someone else's shoes."

We also learned how we can use this information to help us become stronger readers. We discussed how books are usually written from the narrator's perspective and it is important to understand who the narrator is in the text. We read The Shivers in the Fridge and Seven Blind Mice to help us further understand how perspective is essential when we are reading. After reading The Shivers in the Fridge, students summarized the important parts of the story. You can see your child's summary on Seesaw!

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